MA Program Intercultural Humanities

MA Program Intercultural Humanities

School of Humanities and Social Sciences Jacobs University Bremen
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01.05.2007 -
Marc Frey Helmut Schmidt Chair of International History Jacobs University Bremen

The Graduate Program (MA and PhD) Intercultural Humanities at the Jacobs University Bremen is a unique and innovative combined graduate program in History, History and Theory of Art, and Literature with a special emphasis on intercultural encounters, cross-cultural transfers, cultural comparison, and transcultural universals.

The program addresses questions of intercultural and transcultural issues such as:

- Why do authors write multilingual poems?
- Which traces of colonialism can be found in the life of an Indian student today?
- How are cultural conflicts reflected in aesthetics?
- How did globalization start in China?
- How does the global arts market affect the work of an artist in Cameroon?
- What cultures regard violence as being beautiful?
- How can cultural theories be applied to the intercultural interaction on the campus of an international university?

Faculty teaching in the program has a great variety of research interests including European and Asian cultures.

Official language of Jacobs University Bremen is English. JUB offers excellent teaching and research conditions. With students coming from over 80 countries around the world, intercultural knowledge and intercultural exchange is not simply a matter of theory. It is experienced on a day-to-day basis.
Examples of courses are:

• Concepts of Historical Research and History-Writing beyond the Nation-State
• Literary Theory and Intercultural Approaches
• Intercultural Approaches in Art History and Visual Theory
• Advanced Qualitative Methods

• Crossing Cultures: Transfers and Comparisons in Modern History
• Literary History in Inter- and Transcultural Contexts

• Globalization in a Historical Perspective: Culture and Society
• Migration, Globalization, Multilinguism and Literary Taxonomies
• Visual Communication
• Transnational Communication

A limited number of scholarships for MA and for PhD students is available. Successful applicants can count on a tuition waiver. Deadline for applications is 1 May 2007.

For further information, program flyers and the program handbook please visit our website at or contact the program organizers Prof. Dr. Immacolata Amodeo ( and Prof. Dr. Nicola Spakowski (



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