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«S-nodi. Public and Private in Contemporary History»
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27.11.2008 - 31.01.2009
S-nodi. Public and Private in Contemporary History

This peer reviewed journal is a space which promotes and advertises research in progress concerned with the relationship between «public» and «private», and provides a space for explorations on the nature of these two categories and on the historical sources that document them. We chose the title “S-nodi. Public and private in contemporary history” with the aim of focusing on the dichotomies, the transitions, the junctions and crossroads between public and private. We believe that the boundaries between these two spheres are ephemeral and dynamic, and that they produce, in specific historical, geographical and political contexts, different geometries.

The first issue reflected on the relationship between the «self» and the «us» in moments when individual destinies are violently distorted or changed by sudden and radical transformations of collective history. The second issue has explored the theme of fear, and the third will analyse the experience of “journey”. To submit articles and abstracts please refer to the call for papers. Proposals should be sent to:


The Journal «S-nodi. Public and Private in Contemporary History»
launches a call for papers on the theme: Love Stories (deadline for presentation of proposals: 31 January 2008)

The fourth issue of the journal «S-nodi. Public and Private in Contemporary History» is devoted to love stories: love as a meeting place but also a field of conflict between the private space of feelings, expectations and emotions, and the public space of society and institutions which either nourish it or create obstacles in its path.

We wish to invite articles, preferably of an interdisciplinary nature, which analyse histories of romantic love, family affection, of friendship and fraternal ties; of comrades united by intellectual and political bonds; of individuals devoted to the cult of famous personalities or to nostalgic myths. Histories which public and/or private institutions seek to act on, imposing limits and rules, promoting or impeding them.

The deadline for presentation of proposals is 31 December 2008:

- For the articles section (“Scrivere”): please send an article of max 20 pages (40.000 characters including spaces), which will be submitted to peer review.

- For the “Sources of the self/ sources of the us” section (“Fonti dell’io/fonti del noi”): please send an article of max 5 pages (10.000 characters including spaces, documents, photos etc); a film or a critical collection of photos or other images.

Participants are asked to attach to the above mentioned material an abstract with a short CV and a list of main publications, and to send the documentation to, where it is also possible to write in order to ask for further information. The participants to the call for papers must follow the editing rules, which can be found in the journal’s website ( or which can be received by e-mail writing to

The articles chosen for publication will be selected by the end of March 2009.


Angelini Margherita

Università degli studi di Siena

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