African and Asian Responses to German Colonialism

African and Asian Responses to German Colonialism

Nina Berman, Ohio State University; Klaus Mühlhahn, Indiana University Bloomington; Patrice Nganang, SUNY Stonybrook
United States
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01.05.2009 - 01.02.2010
Mühlhahn, Klaus

African and Asian Responses to German Colonialism

We are soliciting essay proposals for a multidisciplinary anthology on social, economic, political, and cultural practices generated by Africans and Asians in the context of and aftermath to German colonialism.

Recent scholarship on German colonialism has shed new light on our understanding of the relationship between colonizer and colonized, the nature and complexity of "colonial governmentality", the colonial state and local institutions, and the connection between ideology, textual discourses, and social, economic, cultural, and political practices. The anthology is designed to contribute to the ongoing discussion of German colonialism with a focus on the agency of those who were affected by German colonialism in Africa and Asia. Essays from all fields are welcome. The range of topics may include but is not limited to essays about:

- cultural and social forms of resistance
- missionary and other religious activities
- economic practices
- literary and other cultural production
- military service
- voluntary or forced labor
- the role of translators and cultural mediators
- forms of collaboration
- colonial bureaucrats in the colonies
- intermarriage and sexual relations
- African and Asian diasporas in Germany
- transnational dimensions of German colonialism
- intellectual history of African and Asian anticolonialism
- theoretical texts

300-500 word abstracts are due by May 1; completed essays are due February 1, 2010. The editorial committee includes Nina Berman (Ohio State University;, Klaus Mühlhahn (Indiana University Bloomington,, and Patrice Nganang (SUNY Stonybrook,

Please send your abstract to the entire committee. We will notify contributors regarding inclusion in the anthology by June 1.



Nina Berman
Ohio State University

Klaus Mühlhahn
Indiana University Bloomington

Patrice Nganang
SUNY Stonybrook