Beziehungen über Grenzen: Paare und Familien in der mobilen Moderne

Beziehungen über Grenzen: Paare und Familien in der mobilen Moderne

Deutsches Historisches Institut Paris
DHIP, 8 rue du Parc-Royal, 75003 Paris
Vom - Bis
10.12.2015 - 11.12.2015
Dunja Houelleu

Internationale Tagung organisatiert von Bettina Severin-Barboutie (IHA/S-IRICE), Maren Röger (Universität Augsburg/ DHI Warschau) und
Christoph Lorke (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster).


Jeudi, 10 décembre 2015

13h45 Introduction

Accueil par Thomas MAISSEN, directeur de l’IHA

Introduction par Bettina SEVERIN-BARBOUTIE (IHA/S-IRICE), Maren RÖGER (Universität Augsburg/ DHI Warschau) et Christoph LORKE (Universität Münster)

14h00 Intermarriages – Mixed Marriages: Historical and Transnational Perspectives

Maren RÖGER (Universität Augsburg/ DHI Warschau)/Christoph LORKE (Universität Münster), Bi-national Marriages in Germany Since 1870: Between Micro and Political History

Simone DERIX (IEG Mainz), Upstairs, Downstairs – Transnational. Social Inequality and Cross-border Family Relations

Adrienne EDGAR (Univ. of California), Intermarriage in Soviet Central Asia

15h50 Interreligious Marriages

Ihor KOSYK (Univ. Wien), Social, Ethno-confessional and Geographical Aspects of Intermarriages in Austrian Galicia

Dani KRANZ (Univ. Wuppertal), Including and Excluding non-Jewish, Foreign Spouses/Partners of Israeli Jews in Israel: The Entanglement of Micro-, Meso-, and Macro Level in Socio-historic Perspective

Peter GRAF (Univ. Osnabrück), Le mariage ou l’union entre Musulmans et Chrétiens – un fait méconnu de la vie réelle en Allemagne

18h00 Conférence du soir
Angelika EPPLE (Univ.Bielefeld), Au-delà des frontières. Pratiques comparatives dans une perspective de micro-histoire et d’histoire globale
Commentaire: Fabrice VIRGILI (CNRS/S-IRICE)

Vendredi, 11 décembre 2015

9h00 Regulations, legislation and »Eigen-Sinn«

Suzanne SINKE (Florida State Univ.), Categorically Acceptable: Exploring State Policies of Migration and Marriage in Transatlantic Space

Imma GADIENT (Univ. de Fribourg), Struggle to Stay. Migrant Families’ Opposition to Processes of Governmental Expulsion in Geneva around 1900

Laura FAHNENBRUCK (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), Repel Recognition. Fending Paternity in German Military Field Courts in the Occupied Netherlands

11h00 Migration and Family Regimes

Giota TOURGELI (University of the Peloponnese), Families Split by the »American Dream«: Greek Emigration to the USA and Impacts on Marriage and Family Relationships (1890–1930)

Anne FRIEDRICHS (Univ. Bielefeld), Families Across Borders: Polish-German Migration to the Ruhr Valley and to Northern France, 1870–1930

Stefania BERNINI (Univ. of New South Wales), A Space of Their own Making: Transnational Families and National Reconstitution after WW2

14h30 Mobility, migration and love in the Time of Peace and War

Lena RADAUER (Univ. Freiburg), »Returning as Family Men«. WWI Prisoners and their Relationships with Russian Women

Irene MESSINGER (Univ. Wien), Marriage of Convenience as a Way Into Exile – Unusual and Unequal Partner Relationship in Exile

Panikos PANAYI (Univ. Leicester), Interethnic Relationships in Peace and War. The Germans
in India, c.1800–1920

Beate COLLET (université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), Conclusion


Bettina Severin Barboutie

DHIP, 8 rue du Parc-Royal, 75003 Paris
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