The Museum Boom & Beyond: Concepts and Methods in Analyzing Cultures of History in Poland

The Museum Boom & Beyond: Concepts and Methods in Analyzing Cultures of History in Poland

Europäisches Kolleg Jena – Representing the 20th Century (Daniel Logemann) and Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena (Juliane Tomann)
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28.04.2016 - 29.04.2016
Juliane Tomann

The study of cultures of history and museums in Poland has become increasingly interdisciplinary and diverse over the past few years. The twentieth century is particularly prominent in these studies, especially the social and political upheavals following the World Wars and the developments after 1989. In terms of space, new research has tended to focus on the cities and regions of contemporary Poland, but Poland in its pre-1945 borders could be covered as well. Thematically, the scholarship has been quite varied, focusing on memorial sites and museums, for instance, or on the ways specific historical events are represented in different media. A variety of approaches have been taken in investigating these cultures of history; and methodological diversity and interdisciplinarity are the rule.

With interest in cultures of history in Poland increasing, it is time to assess the state of the field by looking at current scholarship, whether recently completed, in progress, or projected. This workshop thus aims to bring together young German, Polish, and international scholars for a comparative conversation on their findings and lines of inquiry and argument, resulting in a preliminary overview of the most recent research on cultures of history in and about Poland. Alongside discussions of the subjects and themes of this research, questions of methodology will be key. Can we identify in the methodological diversity of approaches to cultures of history specific priorities or tendencies that have come to predominate in the practical analysis of the field? In engaging these issues collectively, we will also explore possibilities for advancing scholarship on cultures of history in and about Poland.

The workshop aims to provide a vibrant forum for early career scholars of cultures of history in Poland to discuss their work, with concepts and methods being central to the conversation. Participation will involve presentating a relevant research project that is either in the planning stages, in progress, or recently completed.

To apply, please send a one-page sketch regarding the subject matter and methods of your research project as well as a few open-ended questions pertaining to the topics outlined above that you would like to discuss during the workshop. Please also include a short bio or cv.

The workshop will be conducted in English. But please also indicate which other relevant languages (German, Polish) you would be able to work in as well.

In advance of the workshop, the participants will be asked to provide an exposé of their presentation. These exposés will be combined into a reader and distributed to all participants as preparation for the discussion.

Travel costs, accommodations and meals for all workshop participants will be covered by the organizers as per applicable legal requirements.

Application deadline: 18 January 2016. Please send application materials as a single PDF file to and



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