The Origins of Marketing Thought and Practice in the United Kingdom

The Origins of Marketing Thought and Practice in the United Kingdom

Journal of Historical Research in Marketing
United Kingdom
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15.05.2017 -
Stefan Schwarzkopf

Special issue on: The Origins of Marketing Thought and Practice in the United Kingdom

The Journal of Historical Research in Marketing invites submissions for a special issue focused on the history of marketing theory, thought and practice in the United Kingdom. Several overarching themes are planned including the history of retailing, consumption, advertising, and marketing history. There is no intent to limit this special issue to any specific time period (e.g. the mediaeval era and the advent of the county market, marketing during the industrial revolution, the emergence of certified marketing professionals in the early 1900s, the interwar period and marketing practices, and post-Second World War are all viable areas for exploration among others).

The emergence of marketing in the United Kingdom has curiously received limited attention by historians. Reflecting a desire to flesh out this neglected history, this special issue of JHRM seeks historically oriented contributions on the following topics (clearly, this is not an exhaustive list!):

- The growth of retailing and merchandising in the United Kingdom;
- The advertising industry, early practitioners and agencies;
- Consumption and consumer movements;
- U.K. marketing pioneers – leading female and male figures;
- The early internationalization of British marketing (the rise of ‘big business’ and the role of marketing);
- The periodization of marketing practice in the United Kingdom;
- The rise of consumer product (FMCG) companies and the consumer society;
- Innovations in retailing (e.g. the advent of self-service);
- The emergence of market research and consumer intelligence gathering;
- From marketing tactics to marketing strategy (theory, concepts and practices);
- The development of early U.K. corporations and marketing (highlighting particular sectors);
- The market entry of foreign multinationals to the U.K. and its impact on marketing practices;
- Major marketing campaigns (both private and public sectors);
- The emergence of branded goods in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales;
- Industrialization and marketing management;
- U.K. schools of marketing thought;
- The ‘drivers’ of marketing growth and control;
- The ‘professionalization’ of marketing and marketing as a career;
- Marketing consultancy and the role of consultants in marketing development;
- Marketing education and the emergence of business schools;
- The rise of professional organizations such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing and its influence on marketing in the U.K.;
- The emergence of marketing as a function;
- Marketing and legal issues (constraints and tensions); and
- Social attitudes towards marketing: its critics and discontents.

The submission deadline for this special issue is May 15, 2017 with an expected publication date of November 2017. If you are unsure of the suitability of your topic or have questions regarding a submission, please contact one of the special issue guest editors:

Andrew Pressey, University of Birmingham,
Mark Tadajewski, Durham University,
Brian Jones, Quinnipiac University,

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