5 Fragmentarium Fellowships "Study of medieval manuscript fragments" (Univ. of Fribourg, CH)

5 Fragmentarium Fellowships "Study of medieval manuscript fragments" (Univ. of Fribourg, CH)

Fragmentarium / University of Fribourg (CH)
Duba, William

Fragmentarium Fellowships 2020

The Fragmentarium project is seeking applications for five fellowship projects focusing on the study, description, and publication of medieval manuscript fragments. The grant will enable a scholar to serve as a Fragmentarium Fellow during the period January-December 2020.

The purpose of the Fragmentarium Fellowships is to allow an early-career or senior scholar, in collaboration with a distinguished scholar or librarian based at a host institution to study a relevant aspect of fragment research. The project should result in the publication on Fragmentarium (https://fragmentarium.ms) of images and descriptions of medieval fragments. The Fellow will be expected to participate in training sessions and workshops organized and financed by Fragmentarium. At the end of the fellowship period, Fellows shall also produce a scholarly article on an aspect of their research and submit it to Fragmentology (http://fragmentology.ms), or to some other agreed-upon journal.

Interested applicants submit the following documents:
- Cover Letter
- Project Application, of not more than two pages, including project schedule, budget (see below), and expected results.
- Fellow’s CV and list of publications (last five years)
- A letter from the proposed Advisor indicating the support that the Fellow and the project will receive from the host institution.
- Confirmation from institution(s) that hold the fragments that Fragmentarium may publish high-quality images of manuscript material under an Open Access license or in the Public Domain. This confirmation should specify the license, if any, that will be used.

The duration of the Fellowship will depend on the particular application. As a guideline, previous fellowships have typically lasted between 4 and 12 months. Fragmentarium plans to award three Fellowships of up to 11’000 CHF and two of 21’000 CHF. The grant is usually paid to the hosting institution, which will make a contract with Fragmentarium and the Fellow. The budget should include a detailed list of expenses. Up to 10% of the total may be applied to digitization. Applications featuring in-kind contributions, including institutional overhead, will be favored.

Applications must be submitted by the proposed fellow via email to fragmentarium@unifr.ch. The deadline for submissions is Friday, November 22, at 17:00, Central European Time. The selection of the applications will be based on the excellence of the proposed project and fellow, complementarity to other Fragmentarium-related projects and fellowships, and budget available.

For further inquiries, contact Fragmentarium at fragmentarium@unifr.ch.

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