Publishing 'Miscellanea'

The “Miscellanea“ category is intended for diverse information that is not covered by our more specialized categories, such as job opportunities for historians, or announcements of appointments. The entries submitted in this category will be reviewed by the editors of H-Soz-Kult and subsequently be published weekly as a weekly Email digest.

Project announcements [Code: Projekt:]

This category is reserved for announcements concerning new research projects, such as the founding of new study groups, research initiatives, and group research projects. Individual dissertation projects will not be announced.

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Websites / Digital Projects, Online Databases [Code: WWW:]

The ‘WWW’ column contains announcements of historical research articles or thematic research forums on already existing digital platforms for the humanities. New online collections or new online projects are announced by the “Clio-online Web digest” – please announce them here>.

News [Code: Nachricht:]

The category is designed for announcements of encompassing research results, science policy news, commentaries and petitions, news on award winners, on surveys and personnel matters as long as they are relevant for a broader than regional audience and directly relate to the historical sciences.

Please note that job opportunities, scholarships, award offers or announcements of conferences, calls for papers et cetera will be published in the specialized categories (opportunities, appointments) of our website. Please carefully survey our website’s categories before submitting an entry to one of the column forms.

H-Soz-Kult will not publish general press releases, book release announcements, or information addressing the general public rather than the scientific community.

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Research queries [Code: Anfrage:]

Research queries should only be submitted to the H-Soz-Kult readers after all usual sources of information such as reference books in libraries, archives and easily available information systems have been consulted. The H-Soz-Kult audience should be considered as the last, not the first source of inquiry. Each research inquiry should therefore list the pivotal source material, archival records, and specialized libraries that have been consulted. Please ensure that your inquiry is as specific as possible; please give short background information on your research topic and inquiry in order to guarantee that a non-expert can benefit from the article.

H-Soz-Kult will not publish genealogical requests, inquiries concerning one specific person, or inquires of a purely journalistic nature.


Please direct all questions concerning the submission of opportunities to the editorial staff: