Modern Intellectual History 19 (2022), 4

Moritz Pallasch, Institut für Geschichtswissenschaften, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



John Locke, Toleration, and Samuel Parker's A Discourse of Ecclesiastical Politie (1669): A New Manuscript
J. C. Walmsley, Felix Waldmann
pp 997–1032

The Middle Line of Truth: Religious and Secular Ideologies in the Making of Brazilian Evangelical Thought, 1870–1930
Pedro Feitoza
pp 1033–1057

The Phonostate at the End of History: Language, Nation, and a Scheme for World Peace in Edwardian South Africa
Anthony Ossa-Richardson
pp 1058–1080

Empire and Arab Indology
Esmat Elhalaby
pp 1081–1105

Pure Kashmir: Nature, Freedom and Counternationalism
Amar Sohal
pp 1106–1133

Hannah Arendt Encounters Friedrich von Gentz: On Revolution, Preservation, and European Unity
Anna Jurkevics
pp 1134–1156

Art and Indiscernibility: Arthur C. Danto and the Dynamics of Analytic Philosophy
John Erik Hmiel
pp 1157–1181

Forum: History's Religion
Beyond Secularized Eschatology Introductory Remarks
Jonathan Sheehan, Henning Trüper, Mario Wimmer
pp 1182–1190

Historicism, Religionsgeschichte, and the Rhetoric of Eschatology
Daniel Weidner
pp 1191–1207

In the Christian Archives: Sacrifice, the Higher Criticism, and the History of Religion
Jonathan Sheehan
pp 1208–1226

The Last Judgment before the Last
Mario Wimmer
pp 1227–1244

Species and Salvation: Theology of History in the Anthropocene?
Henning Trüper
pp 1245–1261

Theology, the Fairy Queen
Tomoko Masuzawa
pp 1262–1285

A University in Zion: Max Weber and Gershom Scholem on Jewish Eschatology and Academic Labor
Yael Almog
pp 1286–1303

Review Essays

Freedom: The History and the Future of a Disputed Idea
Jessica Whyte
pp 1304–1315

On the Lives of Modern State Law
Samera Esmeir
pp 1316–1327

Arcana and Ambiguity in Intellectual History
Knox Peden
pp 1328–1339

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