History & Memory. Studies in Representation of the Past

History & Memory. Studies in Representation of the Past


History & Memory. Studies in Representation of the Past
United States
History & Memory School of History Tel Aviv University Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv 69978 Israel

History & Memory explores the manifold ways in which the past shapes the present and is shaped by present perceptions. The journal focuses on a wide range of questions relating to the formation of historical consciousness and collective memory. Along with its interest in the legacies of Nazism, fascism and the Holocaust, their impact on contemporary imagination and their diverse representations, History & Memory is concerned more generally with the role of memory in modern and premodern cultures, and the relationship between historical research and images of the past in different societies and cultures. The journal aims to explore not only official representations of the past in public monuments and commemorations but also the role of oral history and personal narratives, the influence of the new media in shaping historical consciousness, and the renewed relevance of history writing for emerging nations and social.conflicts. The journal welcomes both case studies and theoretical contributions which question notions of memory, both lay and scholarly, and experiment with new methodologies for exploring its workings.

The journal is edited at the Eva and Marc Besen Institute for the Study of Historical Consciousness, Tel Aviv University.

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