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Konf: Landscapes in Time
Landscape History Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians
Detroit 18.04.2012

CFP: Landscape Architecture and Economics. Session at the 2012 SAH annual meeting
Society of Architectural Historians (SAH)
Detroit, Michigan, USA 18.04.2012 - 22.04.2012

CFP: Landscape Architecture and Economics
Sonja Duempelmann, University of Maryland; Marc Treib, University of California, Berkeley; Landscape History Chapter, Society of Architectural Historians
New Orleans, U.S.A. 13.04.2011 - 13.04.2011

Konf: Pückler and America
German Historical Institute, Washington D.C., Stiftung Fürst-Pückler-Park Bad Muskau
Bad Muskau 22.06.2006 - 25.06.2006

CFP: The Place of Nature in the City in Twentieth-Century Europe and North America
Dorothee Brantz (GHI, University at Buffalo, SUNY) Sonja Dümpelmann (GHI) Christof Mauch (GHI) Jennifer Price (Writer, Los Angeles)
Washington, D.C. 01.12.2005 - 03.12.2005

Konf: The Pursuit of Public Happiness: Gardens and Parks in Europe and North America
German Historical Institute, Washington D.C. and Bavarian American Academy, Munich
Munich 16.06.2005 - 18.06.2005