Christoph Würflinger

Universität Salzburg

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Tagber: On the Way into the Unknown? Comparative Perspectives on the “Orient” in (Early) Modern Travelogues
Research project “Perceptions of the Other and the Orient in Modern Times: A Mixed-method Approach for the Analysis of Large-scale Travel Account Series” (FWF/DFG, Institute for Habsburg and Balkan Studies of the Austrian Academy of Sciences); research project “The Mediality of Diplomatic Communication: Habsburg Envoys in Constantinople in the Mid-17th Century” (FWF, University of Salzburg)
Wien 28.11.2019 - 30.11.2019

CFP: Die Medialität des Briefes – Diplomatische Korrespondenz im Kontext frühneuzeitlicher Briefkultur (16.–17. Jahrhundert)/The Mediality of the Letter – Diplomatic Correspondence in the Context of Early Modern Letter Culture (16th–17th Century)
Arno Strohmeyer / Projektteam „Die Medialität diplomatischer Kommunikation“ (FWF-Projekt P30091)
Salzburg 29.10.2020 - 31.10.2020