Doctoral Program „Environment and Society“ (Rachel Carson Center)

Doctoral Program „Environment and Society“ (Rachel Carson Center)

Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society
Elisabeth Zellmer

Research on the complex relationships between the environment and society can only be carried out on an interdisciplinary basis. The doctoral program Environment and Society is therefore aimed at graduates from the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences who wish to research questions concerning the nature/culture/environment interface. Within the scope of the program, doctoral students acquire the ability to understand the origins and interactions of complex natural and social processes. The doctoral program brings together expertise on environmental research from university and non-university institutions in Munich. The program is based at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, a joint initiative of LMU Munich and the Deutsches Museum. Its stimulating research environment, intensive supervision, and opportunity to form international networks offer excellent conditions for doctoral students.

The doctoral program does not offer any scholarships to its participants, but can assist its students when applying for other sources of funding as well as by financially supporting PhD-related activities like conference participation and archival research trips.
Applicants wishing to be admitted to this doctoral program must hold a degree from a recognized university, show evidence of excellence in their chosen field of study, and present a sketch of their plans for an innovative PhD project.

Dissertation projects may relate to any of the following topics: approaches to the shortage of natural resources; natural disasters and cultures of risk; environmental law and environmental justice; problems of sustainability, environmental ethics and environmental politics; the perception and cultural understanding of environment and nature; and the role of environment and environmental problems in the sciences.
The following documents should be submitted together with the application via our online portal (
- Proof of higher education entrance qualification;
- Documentation of university degree(s) held;
- One copy of the Master’s thesis;
- An academic curriculum vitae, including a list of publications if available;
- An outline of your planned dissertation project along with a projected timetable for completion (up to five pages);
- The name of a member of the Academic Board who can supervise the dissertation;
- Name and address of two references (university lecturers) able to give information about the suitability and academic potential of the applicant;
- the filled-out online application form

Please submit your application by 1 June 2013. Only electronic applications will be considered. Successful candidates will be accepted into the program for the winter semester 2013/14.
For further information on the doctoral program Environment and Society, including application details and FAQ, please visit the Environment and Society homepage.
Please contact PhD Program Coordinator for any questions about the program.