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The Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) at TU Munich welcomes applications for its two full-time Master’s programs M.A. Science and Technology Studies and M.A. Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology. Both programs are offered in English and are free of tuition fees. The application period is from January 1 to May 31, 2019. Please consider submitting your application as early as possible to ensure smooth procedures (aptitude assessment, visa, travel, accommodation etc.).

Master of Arts: Science and Technology Studies (M.A. STS)

M.A. STS is a unique Master’s program that puts the relations and interactions between science, technology, society and politics front and center. From bio-technology to energy transitions, from automated mobility to data security - the big challenges society is facing today are inseparably scientific, technical and social. In today’s highly technologized societies, STS tackles questions such as: How can we understand scientific and technological change? How do science, technology and society influence and shape each other? Which inter- or transdisciplinary forms of knowledge production are necessary?

The program offers a research-oriented graduate education in the flourishing field of Science and Technology Studies for students interested in a comprehensive social science perspective on today’s highly technologized societies. Students gain in-depth exposure to interdisciplinary approaches to urgent questions about the ever-changing interplay between science, technology and society. As a full-time study program, M.A. STS offers empirical research methods and analytical skills to study the conditions and consequences of contemporary science and technology. In addition, the program offers specializations in the Philosophy of Science and Technology or the History of Science and Technology. STS graduates are able to work in a range of fields including academic research (such as a PhD program) as well as careers in science and technology policy, communication, journalism and management.

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Master of Arts: Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology (M.A. RESET)

M.A. RESET is a unique Master’s program that puts questions of responsibility front and center in our thinking about science, technology and innovation. Responsibility has become a key concern in current discussions around governance, economic growth, sustainable development and social progress – captured, for example, by the frameworks of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In an environment of increasing economic and political uncertainty, RESET takes serious challenges such as: How can we anticipate and govern the social, ethical or environmental impacts of scientific and technological change? What is sustainable, reflexive or democratic innovation? Which inter- or transdisciplinary forms of knowledge production enable responsibility? How do notions of responsibility differ across regulatory, cultural and policy contexts? How should expert knowledge and technical possibilities shape democracies, markets and societies? Conversely, how can we democratize expertise and technology development?

The program offers a practice-oriented graduate education for students interested in both the technical and social aspects of responsibility in today’s highly technologized societies. Supported by mentors, students gain in-depth exposure to areas of technical specialization in collaboration with science and engineering departments at TU Munich. The program draws its interdisciplinary strength and symmetry from a diverse student body – with backgrounds in science, technology and engineering as well as social and life sciences, economics and the humanities – and specifically targets students with previous work or research experience. While a full-time study program, RESET offers a flexible program structure to accommodate candidates seeking to combine graduate studies with part-time work, internships or parallel studies/research in science and engineering. Graduates are able to work in a range of fields including government institutions, international organizations, innovative firms (both established companies and start-ups), NGOs, think tanks, research and higher education management, consulting, or they can pursue a career in academia.

The RESET program is funded by the Elite Network of Bavaria which offers students a range of networking and support opportunities.

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