30 Years after: 1991, the New International Order and Religion

30 Years after: 1991, the New International Order and Religion

Katharina Kunter, Professor Contemporary Church History, University of Helsinki and Petra Kuivala, Postdoctoral Researcher Fellow, University of Helsinki and Research Associate, Department of History at Harvard University
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07.10.2021 - 07.10.2021
Katharina Kunter, Professor Contemporary Church History University of Helsinki

30 years after 1991, it is time for a revisit and a review. How do the events of 1991 fit into a historical perspective with regard to the role and significance of religion?

30 Years after: 1991, the New International Order and Religion

Traditionally, the year 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union has been interpreted as the end of the Cold War era, especially from a European perspective. However, the longer the distance to 1991 becomes, there are also reasons for interpreting 1991 as the starting point of a new epoch and the beginning of a new international order. Can the year 1991, thus, be considered a similar kind of a turning point for religion?



Thursday, 7th October 2021 (Helsinki Time, OESZ, UTC+3)

15.00-15.30: Katharina Kunter, Helsinki: Welcome and Introduction: 30 Years after: 1991, the New International Order and Religion

15.30–17.00: Panel 1: The Dissolution of the Soviet Union and its Impact on Religion:
Nadezeda Beliakova, Moscow: Transformation of the religious landscape in the republics of the USSR during the Perestrojka and breakdown in August 1991
Priit Rohtmets, Tallinn: The Year 1991 and its impact on religion in Estonia (or more broadly in the Baltic States)
Tamar Khutsishvili, Jena: Yezidi-Kurds in post-Soviet Armenia
Sopiko Zviadazde, Tbilisi: “Rediscovering” Islam in post-Soviet Georgia – Muslim communities between Tradition and Transformation

17.00-17.30 Break
17.30-18.00: Petra Kuivala, Helsinki / Harvard: A global, transnational perspective on Religion and 1991 / Transnational ripple effects as seen from outside Europe

18.00–19.00: Panel 2: War and Peace - and Religion?
Stefan Kube, Zürich: 1991, Religion and the Dissolution of Yugoslavia
Samuel Helfont, Monterey: The Year 1991, the Gulf War, and its Impact for Religion
19.00-19.15: Break
19:15–19:45 Summing up, publication, further activities
afterwards: Digital drinks and relaxed get-together


Registration and Zoomlink: Marie Snedker: marie.snedker@helsinki.fi

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