Religious Encounters: Coexistence – Dialogue – Conflict

Religious Encounters: Coexistence – Dialogue – Conflict

Graduiertenkolleg 1662 "Religiöses Wissen im vormodernen Europa (800-1800)"
Dormition Abbey
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18.06.2019 - 20.06.2019
Christoph Mauntel

This years’ annual conference of the Tübingen-based Research Training Group “Religious Knowledge in Pre-Modern Europe (800–1800)” will take place in Jerusalem and focus on “Religious Encounters”. On the one hand, the programme focusses on the processes of transferring religious knowledge, and on the other hand on the transformations that have been initiated through contacts with individuals or communities of other faiths, dogmas or beliefs, that is, through encounters with other religions or religious denominations. The contacts and encounters in question can take various shapes: coexistence, affirmative or critical dialogue as well as controversial or even violent conflict. By discussing pictorial, material or textual sources, we hope to reach a deeper understanding of these processes through which religious knowledge is transferred between different religions or religious groups.

(Ger): Paper given in German · (Eng): Paper given in English


Tuesday, 18.06.2019
09:00 h Volker Leppin (Tübingen): Introduction
09:15 h Svenja Dalacker (Tübingen): Concealed in the house – manifestations of religious beliefs in housing contexts of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times (Ger)
10:00 h Harald Stadler (Innsbruck): Are the archaeologically proven handicrafts, found above the surface in buildings, places of religious encounters? Tyrolean case studies from the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age (Ger)
10:45 h Coffee Break
11:15 h Ute Verstegen (Erlangen): Erlangen: Many Religions in One Room. How Can We Systemize Historical Scenarios of Multi-Religious and Multi-Denominational Use of Spaces? (Ger)
12:00 h Iris Palzer (Tübingen): Rigor and Dialog - Interdenominational Tendencies in Image and Architecture in the Diocese of Würzburg (Ger)
12:45 h Lunch Break
14:30 h Alexandra Becker (Tübingen): The Emir’s Paradise– Encounter of Christian and non-Christian Courtly Societies in Konrad Fleck’s ‘Flore und Blanscheflur’ (Ger)
15:15 h Udo Friederich (Cologne): Myth – Topos – Metaphor: Intercultural and Social Functions of Gardens of Paradise in Pre-Modern Texts. (Ger)
16:00 h Coffee Break
16:30 h Keynote: Gadi Algazi (Tel Aviv): Kinship and Scholarship: New Configurations around 1500 (Eng)

Wednesday, 19.06.2019
08:30 h Visit to the Temple Mount
11:00 h Jonathan Rubin (Ramat Gan): Writing about the Religions of the Holy Land after 1291 (Eng)
11:45 h Christoph Mauntel (Tübingen): Mapping Religion. Latin-Christian Perspectives on the Dissemination of Religious Communities (Eng)
12:30 h Lunch Break
14:00 h Robert Madaric-Beer (Tübingen): The fine line between dialogue and polemics: Jacob Judah Leon’s scholarship and the Jewish-Christian relations in 17th century Amsterdam (Eng)
14:45 h Zur Shalev (Haifa): Translations: Hottinger and "Yihus ha-Avot" (Genealogy of the Fathers) (Eng)
15:30 h Coffee Break
16:00 h Grigorii Borisov (Tübingen) Thought Thrives on Conflict. Religious Coexistence in Legal Spaces on the North Frankish Frontier around 800 (Eng)
16:45 h Irina Varyash (Moscow): Legal Space and Medieval Interculturality (Eng)
17:30 h Coffee Break
18:00 h Keynote: Tamar Herzig (Tel Aviv): Christians, Jews, and Converts in Renaissance Italy (Eng)

Thursday, 20.06.2019
09:00 h Sven Gröger (Tübingen): Facing the others – Anselm’s (inter)religious encounters in Italy in 1098 (Eng)
09:45 h Maria Lissek (Bern): Facing the others – Gilbert Crispin’s controversial dialogues within interreligious encounters in the 12th century (Eng)
10:30 h Coffee Break
11:00 h Stefan Leicht (Tübingen): Maimonides and Grotius on divine and natural law (Ger)
11:45 h Thomas Meyer (München): About Leo Strauss’s "The Literary Character of the ‘Guide for the Perplexed’". Contexts and Reception (Ger)
12:30 h Lunch Break and end of conference


Christoph Mauntel

Eberhard Karls Universität, Grk "Religiöses Wissen"
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