Ethnologia Balkanica 10 (2006)

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Ethnologia Balkanica 10 (2006)
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Urban Life and Culture in Southeastern Europe. Anthropological and Historical Perspectives

Berlin 2006: LIT Verlag
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Ethnologia Balkanica. Journal for Southeast European Anthropology. Zeitschrift für die Anthropologie Südosteuropas. Journal d'ethnologie du sud-est européen.
Redaktion: Prof. Klaus Roth Institut für Volkskunde/Europ. Ethnologie, Universität München Oettingenstr. 67 D – 80538 München <> Prof. Dr. Ulf Brunnbauer Geschichte Südost- und Osteuropas Philosophische Fakultät III Universität Regensburg D – 93040 Regensburg Verlag: LIT Verlag Dr. W. Hopf Berlin Chausseestr. 128/129 D – 10115 Berlin
Helebrant, Tomislav

Urbanization in Southeastern Europe displays significant idiosyncrasies. While the region was predominantly rural long into the 20th century, cities grew rapidly after WW II, causing deep socio-cultural changes which gained in momentum after the end of socialism. The articles in this volume, originally presented at the conference „Urban Life and Culture in Southeastern Europe“ in Belgrade, May 2005, explore these changes past and present, focusing on urban culture, social topography, urban planning, and urban-rural relations.



Urban structure and planning, architecture

Maximilian Hartmuth, Istanbul
Negotiating Tradition and Ambition: Comparative Perspective on the “De-Ottomanization” of the Balkan Cityscapes

Marija Maksin-Mićić, Belgrade
Peripheral Zones of Serbian Towns: Spatial Development and Way of Life

Katarina Višnar, Ljubljana
Evaluating the Spatial Context of the Suburban

Ermis Lafazanovski, Skopje
Skopje: Nostalgic Places and Utopian Spaces

Cristofer Scarboro, Urbana
Socialist Humanism on Tour: Monuments, Public Spaces and Subjectivity in Haskovo, Bulgaria

Urban – rural relations

Konstantina Bada, Ioannina
Revealing the historicity of migrant women. Moving from mountain areas to the provincial urban centers of Greece. The case of Agrinio

Rory Yeoman, Peckham
Urban Visions and Rural Utopias: Literature and the Building of a Nationalist Consensus in Croatia, 1924–1945

Social topography, ethnic and gender relations

Siegfried Gruber, Graz
The Quarters of Shkodra in 1918: Differences and Similarities

Mirjana Pavlović, Belgrade
Center – Periphery: The Ethnicity of Serbs in Timişoara

Ana Luleva und Cvetana Bončeva, Sofia
Konstruktion von Identitäten in Grenzzonen. Interkulturelle Geschlechterbeziehungen am bulgarisch-griechischen Beispiel

Ivanka Petrova, Sofia
Geschlechterrollen in einem internationalen Unternehmen in Sofia

Urban culture, urbanity

Aleksandar R. Miletić, Belgrade
Insights into Urban Life, Cultural Change, and Modernization in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians, 1918–1928

Ivana Spasić, Belgrade
ASFALT: The Construction of Urbanity in Everyday Discourse in Serbia

Vesna Vučinić-Nešković and Jelena Miloradović, Belgrade
Corso as a Total Social Phenomenon: the Case of Smederevska Palanka, Serbia

Aleksandra Pavićević, Belgrade
Cremation as an Urban Phenomenon of the New Age. From Ecology to Ideology: the Serbian Case

Popular culture in the city

Ivana Kronja, Belgrade
New Urban Trends in Serbia, 1990–2004: From Urban Life to Popular Culture and Vice Versa

Dragana Antonijević and Ljubomir Hristić, Belgrade
Belgrade Graffiti: Anthropological Insights into Anonymous Public Expressions of “Worldview”

Orli Fridman, Arlington
Alternative Voices in Public Urban Space: Serbia’s Women in Black

Ana Hofman and Iva Tarabić, Belgrade
Roma Musicians as Tradesmen in Urban Cultural Environments

Raluca Nagy and Cristina Plecadite, Cluj-Napoca
Consuming Electronic Music in Bucharest: “Low-Profile” Locations and Their Public

Raluca Petre, Bucharest
The Reconfiguration of Leisure in Transition: Pubs and Friendship in Constanţa

Iva Filipova-Kyurkchieva, Sofia
Football and Political Symbolism in Bulgaria in the 1980s and 1990s

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