Journal of Global History 4 (2009), 1

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Journal of Global History 4 (2009), 1
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Commodities, empires, and global history

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189 pp.
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Journal of Global History
United Kingdom
Journal of Global History, Room A288, London School of Economics and Political science, Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE, UK
Martin, Eric



Editorial – Commodities, empires, and global history
Sandip Hazareesingh and Jonathan Curry-Machado
pp 1-5


Interconnected synchronicities: the production of Bombay and Glasgow as modern global ports c.1850–1880
Sandip Hazareesingh
pp 7-31

‘Rich flames and hired tears’: sugar, sub-imperial agents and the Cuban phoenix of empire
Jonathan Curry-Machado
pp 33-56

Bengali raw silk, the East India Company and the European global market, 1770–1833
Roberto Davini
pp 57-79

‘Paying for the Emergency by displacing the settlers’: global coffee and rural restructuring in late colonial Kenya
David Hyde
pp 81-103

The United Kingdom and the political economy of the global oils and fats business during the 1930s
Ayodeji Olukoju
pp 105-125

The King's Christmas pudding: globalization, recipes, and the commodities of empire
Kaori O’Connor
pp 127-155

Review Article

Ideas without borders
Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom
pp 157-161

Reconsidering the macro-narrative in global history: John Darwin’s After Tamerlane and the case for comparison
Michael Adas
pp 163-173


Drawing the global colour line: white men’s countries and the international challenge of racial equality By Marilyn Lake and Henry Reynolds.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008. Pp x + 371. Hardback £45.00, ISBN 9780521881180; paperback £17.99, ISBN 9780521707527.
Jonathan Hyslop, pp 175-177

The devil’s handwriting: precoloniality and the German colonial state in Quindao, Samoa, and Southwest Africa By George Steinmetz. Chicago studies in practices of meaning. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2007. Pp. xxviii + 640.78 b/w illustrations, 6 maps, 3 line drawings. Hardback
US$90.00, ISBN 9780226772417; paperback US$33.00, ISBN 9780226772431
Gesine Krüger, pp 177-178

Uncovering the history of Africans in Asia Edited by Shihan de Silva Jayasuriya and Jean-Pierre Angenot. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2008. Pp. xi + 196. Paperback €69.00/US$103.00, ISBN 978–90-04–16291-4.
Iain Walker, pp 179-180

The communist experiment: revolution, socialism, and global conflict in the twentieth century By Robert Strayer. Explorations in world history. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2007. Pp. 216. Paperback £30.99, ISBN 9780072497441.
Jean-Louis Margolin, pp 180-182

Transnational nation: United States history in global perspective since 1789 By Ian Tyrrell. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007. Pp. vii + 286. Paperback £17.99, ISBN 978 1 4039 9368 7.
Carl Guarneri, pp 182-184

L’Esprit économique impérial (1830–-1970): groupes de pression & réseaux du patronat colonial en France & dans l’empire Edited by Hubert Bonin, Catherine Hodeir, and Jean-François Klein. Paris: Publications de la Société Française d’Histoire d’Outre-Mer, 2008. Pp. 844. Paperback €70.00, ISBN 978–2-85970–037-9.
Robert Aldrich, pp 184-185

Britain, the empire, and the world at the Great Exhibition of 1851 Edited by Jeffrey A. Auerbach and Peter H. Hoffenberg Aldershot: Ashgate, 2008. Pp xviii + 219. 14 b/w illustrations. Hardback £55.00, ISBN 978–0-7546–6241-9.
Robert W. Rydell, pp 185-186

The making of a tropical disease: a short history of malaria By Randall M. Packard. The Johns Hopkins biographies of disease. Baltimore, MD: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007. Pp. xvii + 296. 2 halftones, 19 line drawings. Hardback £16.50, ISBN 978–0-8018–8712-3.
Marcia Wright, pp 186-188

Vermeer’s hat: the seventeenth century and the dawn of the global world By Timothy Brook. New York: Bloomsbury Press, and London: Profile Books, 2008. Pp. xi + 272. Hardback US$26.95, ISBN 978–1-59691–444-5; or £18.99, ISBN 978–1-84668–112-7.
John E. Wills, Jr, pp 188-189

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