Ethnologia Balkanica 14 (2010)

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Ethnologia Balkanica 14 (2010)
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Migration in, from, and to Southeastern Europe. Part 2: Ways and Strategies of Migrating

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Ethnologia Balkanica. Journal for Southeast European Anthropology. Zeitschrift für die Anthropologie Südosteuropas. Journal d'ethnologie du sud-est européen.
Redaktion: Prof. Klaus Roth Institut für Volkskunde/Europ. Ethnologie, Universität München Oettingenstr. 67 D – 80538 München <> Prof. Dr. Ulf Brunnbauer Geschichte Südost- und Osteuropas Philosophische Fakultät III Universität Regensburg D – 93040 Regensburg Verlag: LIT Verlag Dr. W. Hopf Berlin Chausseestr. 128/129 D – 10115 Berlin
Helebrant, Tomislav

This volume is part two of a selection of articles on migration movements in, to, and from Southeast Europe. It aims at a better understanding of the complex migration processes which deeply affect Balkan societies, both presently and in the past.

The articles presented here focus on the ways and strategies of migrants, on “irregular migration” in and to, as well as on “transit migration” through the region, while others deal with the effects of return migration on Balkan societies. They present empirical findings on migration which are of interest not only for experts on Southeast Europe and on migration processes in general, but also for those interested in European integration and in the consequences of EU migration policies.


Ethnologia Balkanica, vol. 14 (2010)



Strategies, ways, and means of migration

Karolina Bielenin-Lenczowska, Warsaw
Different Models of Labour Migration in Contemporary Macedonia – or What Does pečalba Mean Today?

Dimitra Thoma, Athens
Understanding Migrants’ Experiences of Social Exclusion and Inclusion: the Case of Bulgarian Immigrants in Greece

Rossitza Guentcheva, Sofia
Long Distance Relationships: Children and Migration in Contemporary Bulgaria

Burcu Şimşek, Ankara
The Strategies that Foreign Women Domestic Workers Use to Overcome the Stereotypes They Face in Turkey

Michal Svoboda, Amsterdam/Prague
Changing Events – Stable Networks. Regime Turnovers, the “Great Trip” and the Life History of a Bulgarian-Turkish Entrepreneur

Ildiko Erdei, Belgrade
Migrants of the Future – Serbian Youth between Imaginary and Real Migration

Irregular migration

Sabine Hess, Munich
The Invention of “Transit Migration”. Theoretical and Methodological Considerations on Illegal Migration in Europe’s Southeastern Border Region

Jutta Lauth Bacas, Athens
No Safe Haven: the Reception of Irregular Boat Migrants in Greece

Daniel Habit, Munich
“Getting to Europe” – Afghan Refugees, Urban Discourses and European Strategies in Patras

Mila Mancheva, Sofia
Irregular Migration and Undocumented Migrant Work After Bulgaria’s EU Accession

Cavidan Soykan, Colchester
The Impact of Common European Union Immigration Policy on Turkey.

Return migration and effects on home countries

Jasna Čapo Žmegač, Zagreb
Return Migration: the Changing Faces and Challenging Facets of a Field of Study

Melinda Dincă, Ania Ceauşescu, Timişoara
Implications of Migration Flows on the Community Life of a Romanian Village. A Case Study of Biled, Timiş County, Romania

Vesna Vučinić-Nešković, Belgrade
Intercultural Experiences of Hauzmajstor. A Case Study on Repatriate Entrepreneurship in Serbia

Raluca Petre, Constanţa
The “Market effect” on the 1990 Romanian Emigration Generation: the Genealogy of a Misunderstanding

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