Journal of Historical Network Research 1 (2017), 1

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Journal of Historical Network Research 1 (2017), 1
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Inaugural Issue of the Journal of Historical Network Research

Luxemburg 2017: Selbstverlag
Kostenlos (Open Access)



Journal of Historical Network Research (JHNR)
Dr Marten Düring UNIVERSITÉ DU LUXEMBOURG CAMPUS BELVAL Maison des Sciences Humaines 11, Porte des Sciences L-4366 Esch-sur-Alzette; JHNR Editors:; JHNR Tech support:
Stark, Martin

The online Journal of Historical Network Research aims to publish outstanding and original contributions which apply the theories and methodologies of social network analysis to historical research. It promotes the interplay between different areas of historical research (in the broadest sense), social and political sciences, and different research traditions and disciplines, while strengthening the dialogue between network research and “traditional” historical research. All contents are made available free of charge to readers and authors following Open Access principles.

We are very happy to announce the publication of the first issue of the Journal of Historical Network Research. Behind us lie two years of preparations. At this stage we would like to thank our reviewers and members of the Advisory Board for their support and guidance and the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History for its ongoing support. Finally, we are especially grateful to our authors who shared their research for this very first issue.

The next call for papers is just around the corner, and we look forward to preparing Issue #2.

The editors,
Christian Rollinger, Marten Düring, Martin Stark and Robert Gramsch-Stehfest


Table of Contents

Editors‘ Introduction
Christian Rollinger, Marten Düring, Martin Stark & Robert Gramsch-Stehfest
Pages: i–vii

Trends in Archaeological Network Research: A Bibliometric Analysis
Tom Brughmans & Matthew A. Peeples
Pages: 1–24

Using Multi-Layered Networks to Disclose Books in the Republic of Letters
Ingeborg van Vugt
Pages: 25–51

Hypergraph Representations: A Study of Carib Attacks on Colonial Forces (AD 1509–1700)
Termeh Shafie & David Schoch & Jimmy Mans & Corinne Hofman & Ulrik Brandes
Pages: 52–70

Networks of Conflict: Analyzing the “Culture of Controversy” of Polemical Pamphlets of Intra-Protestant Disputes (AD 1548–1580)
Aline Deicke
Pages: 71–105

Flucht und Unterstützung – Die „Auskunftsstelle für Flüchtlinge“ in Zürich und ihre Netzwerke
Ruedi Epple
Pages: 106–145

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