Yearbook of Transnational History 1 (2018)

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Yearbook of Transnational History 1 (2018)
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Vancouver u.a. 2018: Rowman & Littlefield
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Yearbook of Transnational History
Thomas Adam,
Adam, Thomas

The Yearbook of Transnational History is dedicated to disseminating pioneering research in the field of transnational history. This inaugural volume provides readers with articles on topics such as soccer, travel, music, and social policy. These articles highlight the movement of ideas, people, policies, and practices across various cultures and societies and explore the relations, connections, and spaces these movements created. They make clear that historical phenomena, from travel to music, cannot be contained and explained within just one national setting.

This volume offers, further, a number of theoretical and methodological articles that provide insights into the concept of transnational history and the approach of intercultural transfer studies. Last but not least, it also includes a number of review articles, which offer an examination of books central to teaching transnational history as well as a historiographical exploration of the impact of transnational history on the field of sports history.



Thomas Adam, Transnational History: A Program for Research, Publishing, and Teaching

Donna Gabaccia, Thoughts on the Future of Transnational History

Matthias Middell, The Intercultural Transfer Paradigm in Its Transnational and Transregional Setting

Kristen D. Burton, “From British Export to French Expansion: How France Globalized Organized Soccer

Debra Reddin van Tuyll, Transnational History and Journalism: A Case Study of John Mitchel

William Roka, Building Luxurious Ocean Liners for the Traveling Transatlantic Elite in the Early Twentieth Century

Giacomo Canepa, The Transatlantic Transfer of Social Policies in the Context of UNRRA’s “Rehabilitation” of Post-World War II Italy

Alexander Golovlev, Sounds of Music from across the Sea: Musical Transnationality in Early Post-World War II Austria

Amber N. Nickell, “Time to Show the Kremlin America’s Full House”: The Committee for Human Rights in the Soviet Union, Rabbi Gedalyah Engel, and Their Refusenik Adoptees, 1977–1992

Margrit Pernau, A Field in Search of its Identity. Recent Introductions to Global History

Colin D. Howell and Daryl Leeworthy, Observing from the Border: Sport, Borderlands, and the Margins of the Transnational in the North Atlantic World

Susanne Lachenicht, The Summer Academy of Atlantic History (SAAH)

Austin E. Loignon, Decades Across the Sea: An Assessment of the Movements and Workshops of Transatlantic History at the University of Texas at Arlington in the Past Two Decades

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