Journal of World History 31 (2020), 3

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Journal of World History 31 (2020), 3
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Journal of World History
United States
Journal of World History c/o Prof. Matthew Romaniello Department of History Lindquist Hall 1299 Edvalson St., Dept. 1205 Ogden UT 84408-1205

The Journal of World History publishes research into historical questions requiring the investigation of evidence on a global, comparative, cross-cultural, or transnational scale. It is devoted to the study of phenomena that transcend the boundaries of single states, regions, or cultures, such as large-scale population movements, long-distance trade, cross-cultural technology transfers, and the transnational spread of ideas. Individual subscription is by membership in the World History Association.



Introduction: Crossing Companies
Felicia Gottmann, Philip Stern, pp. 477–488

Coda: Crossing Companies, Theories of Agency and Early Modern European Empire
Julia Adams, Isaac Ariail Reed, pp. 477–497

Cross-Imperial Trade in Disguise: Overlooked Trade Interactions between the Dutch and the Danish in the Atlantic Trade during the Seventeenth Century
Kaarle Wirta, pp. 489–509

Between Companies: The Arbitration of 1654 and the Evolution of Corporate Strategy in the East Indies Trade
Andrew Ruoss, pp. 511–538

Prussia all at Sea? The Emden-based East India Companies and the Challenges of Transnational Enterprise in the Eighteenth Century
Felicia Gottmann, pp. 539–566

Keeping It in the Family: The Swedish East India Company and the Irvine Family, 1731–1770
Hanna Hodacs, pp. 567–595

Scandinavian Trade in Canton and “Borrowed Bengal Money”: The Global Role of Minor European Companies Trading in Asia, 1760–1786
Leos Müller, pp. 597–619

Knowledge in Translation: Global Patterns of Scientific Exchange, 1000–1800 CE ed. by Patrick Manning and Abigail Owen, and: Global Transformations in the Life Sciences, 1945–1980 ed. by Patrick Manning and Mat Savelli (review)
David I. Spanagel, pp. 621–625

War and its Causes by Jeremy Black (review)
Russell A. Hart, pp. 625–627

Epidemics: Hate and Compassion from the Plague of Athens to AIDS by Samuel K. Cohn, Jr. (review)
Benjamin Reilly, pp. 627–630

The Frigid Golden Age: Climate Change, the Little Ice Age, and the Dutch Republic, 1560–1720 by Dagomar Degroot (review)
Thomas Wozniak, pp. 630–632

Translating Nature: Cross-Cultural Histories of Early Modern Science ed. by Jaime Marroquín Arredondo and Ralph Bauer (review)
Jack Bouchard, pp. 632–635

American Baroque: Pearls and the Nature of Empire, 1492–1700 by Molly A. Warsh (review)
David Hope, pp. 635–637

Amboina, 1623: Fear and Conspiracy at the Edge of Empire by Adam Clulow (review)
Tonio Andrade, pp. 638–640

The News at the Ends of the Earth: The Print Culture of Polar Exploration by Hester Blum (review)
Rohan Howitt, pp. 640–642

Beauty in the Age of Empire: Japan, Egypt, and the Global History of Aesthetic Education by Raja Adal (review)
Masafumi Okazaki, pp. 643–645

Roving Revolutionaries: Armenians and the Connected Revolutions in the Russian, Iranian, and Ottoman Worlds by Houri Berberian (review)
Yulia Uryadova, pp. 646–647

Lost Histories: Recovering the Lives of Japan’s Colonial Peoples by Kirsten L. Ziomek (review)
Paul D. Barclay, pp. 647–650

The Global History of Organic Farming by Gregory A. Barton (review)
Andrew C. Baker, pp. 650–652

Footprints of War: Militarized Landscapes in Vietnam by David Biggs (review)
Miles Powell, pp. 652–654

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