The Leo Baeck Institute Year Book 67 (2022), 1

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The Leo Baeck Institute Year Book 67 (2022), 1

New York/Oxford 2022: Oxford University Press
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The Leo Baeck Institute Year Book
United Kingdom
Manuscripts: Almut Becker Publisher: 3, Newtec Place, Magdalen Road Oxford, OX4 1RE, UK Tel: +44 (01865) 520 011 Fax: +44 (01865) 250 056
Sophie-Margarete Schuster, Geschichtswissenschaften, Kulturwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Cathy S Gelbin; David Rechter; Daniel Wildmann

I. The Enlightenment Age and the Jews

Nothing Out of the Ordinary: The Life of Salomon Marcus
Kamila Lenartowicz

Johann Gottfried Herder, Enlightenment Anthropology, and the Jew as a ‘Parasitic Plant’
Carl Niekerk

II. Jews in Fin-de-SièCle Austria

Of Bug Crushers and Barbaric Clerks: The Fabricated History of Jewish Family Names in Karl Emil Franzos’ ‘Namensstudien’ (1880)
Johannes Czakai

Capturing Difference: The Wurstelprater Photobook in Turn-of-the-Century Vienna
Steven Samols

III. Essay Prize Winner 2021

Implementing the Reichsbürgergesetz: Registration, Statistics, and the Deportations of German Jews
Stefan Boberg

IV. Sephardi Jews Between Vienna and the Balkans

Situating Sephardi Spaces Between Vienna and the Balkans: An Introduction
Fani Gargova

The Visual Repertoire of Willy de Majo: Translocations and Transports of Delight
Lesley Whitworth

Vienna—The Cradle of Sephardic Sephardism
Martin Stechauner

V. Salman Schocken: Publisher and Collector

Introduction: Material Transfer—Intellectual Transfer: Salman Schocken’s Collections
Caroline Jessen

I will not see his like again: Remembering Salman Schocken (1968)
Gershom Schocken; Stephanie Obermeier; Caroline Jessen

A Friendship Ex Libris – Karl Wolfskehl, Salman Schocken, and their Libraries
Julia Schneidawind

Contested Cultural Affiliations: Salman Schocken’s Novalis Collection and the Nuremberg Haggadot from the Germanisches Nationalmuseum
Caroline Jessen; Susanna Brogi

VI. Memoir

The Autobiography of Willy Katzenstein: Part One, 1874–1932
Susan Hamlyn ; Linda Gaus

List of Contributors

Erratum to: The School of Bourgeois Religion: Jewish Children, Emotions, and the Hebrew Bible
Dorothea M. Salzer

Correction to: Introduction: German-Jewish Agency in Times of Crisis, 1914–1938
David Jünger; Anna Ullrich


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