Stichproben 20 (2011)

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Stichproben 20 (2011)
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Social Movements in Africa

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Stichproben. Wiener Zeitschrift für kritische Afrikastudien
Stichproben-Redaktion c/o Institut für Afrikawissenschaften der Universität Wien Uni-Campus, Hof 5.1 Spitalgasse 2-4 A-1090 Wien/Vienna
Brandes, Nikolai

Stichproben. Wiener Zeitschrift für kritische Afrikastudien. Vienna Journal of African Studies

Release of Stichproben #20/2011 – Social Movements in Africa
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Social movements in Africa are a poorly researched and under-theorized field. This is in marked contrast to Latin American Studies where labour unions, landless workers’ movements or feminist associations are central topics of both empirical and theoretical research. This applies particularly to African studies in German speaking countries. However, a social movement perspective is largely absent from African Studies in general.

Issue #20 of Stichproben. Vienna Journal of African Studies takes a fresh look at social movements’ struggles in African contexts. The contributions to this issue critically assess the potential of a social movements perspective for analyzing political processes in sub-Saharan Africa and they provide insights into the structures, motivations, conditions and achievements of social movements in several countries on the continent.


Table of Contents

Bettina Engels & Nikolai Brandes (Eds.)
Social Movements in Africa. Stichproben Vienna Journal of African Studies No. 20 (Vol. 11)

Nikolai Brandes & Bettina Engels
Social Movements in Africa (p. 1-15)

Alex Veit
Social movements, contestation and direct international rule: Theoretical approaches (p. 17-43)

Elísio Macamo
Social Criticism and Contestation: Reflections on the Politics of Anger and Outrage (p. 45-68)

Kehinde Olayode
Ethno-nationalist movements and political mobilisation in Africa: The Nigeria experience (1990-2003) (p. 69-93)

Danièle Obono
Trade unions as social movements and political actors in Nigeria (1994-2004) (p. 95-113)

Boniface Dulani
Democracy Movements as Bulwarks against Presidential Usurpation of Power: Lessons from the Third-Term Bids in Malawi, Namibia, Uganda and Zambia (p. 115-139)

Eric Komlavi Hahonou & Lotte Pelckmans
West African Antislavery Movements: Citizenship Struggles and the Legacies of Slavery (p. 141-162)

Andrea Kaufmann
Mobilizing for Improvement. An Empirical Study of a Women's Organization in West Point, Liberia (p. 163-188)

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