InterDisciplines 6 (2015), 1

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InterDisciplines 6 (2015), 1
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Work in a Globalizing World: Gender, Mobility, Markets

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InterDisciplines. Journal of History and Sociology
Melanie Eulitz InterDisciplines Journal of History and Sociology c/o BGHS Bielefeld University PO Box 100131 D – 33501 Bielefeld
Hahn, Jennifer

Work in a Globalizing World: Gender, Mobility, Markets

The journal’s aim is to discuss their relationship and to identify differences as well as interconnections between the two disciplines, with a focus on areas where they can complement each other with respect to specific research problems. InterDisciplines addresses historians and sociologists first and foremost but also aims at a wider audience of interested scholars and students who are committed to interdisciplinary debate and exchange. InterDisciplines is interested in case studies that employ methods from the social sciences to answer questions of continuity, dynamics and change and combine theoretical discussion with empirical analysis. The journal also welcomes programmatic texts on basic questions of the interdisciplinary cooperation between history and sociology. InterDisciplines invites suggestions for themed issues that cover a relevant topic and invites scholars to act as guest editors. InterDisciplines is an e-journal and provides open access. Its articles are published in English. This provides its authors with a wide, international readership and makes the journal an ideal forum for up-to-date discussions.


Table of Contents

Ursula Mense-Petermann, Sabine Schäfer, Thomas Welskopp

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And protect us from the market. Organized labor and the demand to shorten the workday of women in the 1860s and 1870s
Philipp Reick

URL: <>

What is work? On the invisibility of women’s paid work in the informal sector
Funda Ustek

URL: <>

Escaping workplace gender discrimination through mobility? Labor-market experiences of Polish female migrants in the West
Paula Pustulka

URL: <>

Creating a transnational labor chain between Eastern Europe and the Middle East: A case study in healthcare
Heidi Bludau

URL: <>

Reading theory or reading historical evidence: The case of Anglo-settler veterinary professionalization
Edgar Burns

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