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InterDisciplines 9 (2018), 1

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InterDisciplines 9 (2018), 1
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The Body and its Multiple Dimensions

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InterDisciplines. Journal of History and Sociology
Melanie Eulitz InterDisciplines Journal of History and Sociology c/o BGHS Bielefeld University PO Box 100131 D – 33501 Bielefeld
Eulitz, Melanie

This InterDisciplines special issue “The body and its Multiple Dimensions" focus is understanding the body from different perspectives, such as from physical to metaphysical bodies, to social, to political and economic bodies. Common across the individual articles is an understanding of the body as a sociological and historical category in the center of an analysis of power relations, discourses, social transformations and contested meanings. Some papers demonstrate how biopolitical instruments use the body along intersectional categories for political purposes, which is in line with Foucault’s theory about bodies, being racialized, sexualized and gendered as a part of a biopolitical project.


Table of Contents

Editorial: The Body and its Multiple Dimensions
Cleovi C. Mosuela


Oleksandra Tarkhanova
Essentializing motherhood: The Ukrainian woman in policy debates

Susan Lindholm
Belonging and popular culture The work of Chilean artist Ana Tijoux

Katarzyna Herd
From a body to a story. Transformative narratives in Swedish football

Cleovi C. Mosuela
Warm heart and warm hands: The case of Filipino migrant nurses in Germany

Michelle G. Ong
Embodying good citizenship and success in migration: Aging Filipina migrants talk about health

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