On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture 3 (2017)

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On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture 3 (2017)
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Law and Culture

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On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture
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Kugele, Jens

Dear colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of On_Culture: The Open Journal in the Study of Culture, Issue #3: "Law Undone: De-humanizing, Queering, and Dis-abling the Law – Further Arguments for Law’s Pluralities" (guest edited by Greta Olson and Sonja Schillings).

Our third issue features contributions that critically examine a concept of contemporary law that proves to be problematic within pluralistic legal contexts. Reevaluating legal discourses and notions of culture, the articles in this issue deal with categories such as race, class, gender, sanity, and (dis)ability; these examinations overlap with other articles theorizing normative humanity or perceived threats to security.

In this context, this issue sheds light on the pluralities of law through the lens of various fields such as literary studies, queer theory, feminist legal studies, postcolonial studies, and disability studies.

With best wishes,

Jens Kugele on behalf of the Editorial Team


Table of contents

Olson, Greta; Schillings, Sonja: "On Un-Doing Law"

Schniedermann, Wibke
"Bypassing the Law in a Homeless Vehicle: Alan Bennett’s The Lady in the Van"

Patchett, Emma
"Law Undone: Corporeal Subversion in Mariella Mehr’s Stoneage"

de Mel, Neloufer; Samararatne, Dinesha
"The Law’s Gender: Entanglements and Recursions – Three Stories from Sri Lanka"

Becker, Katrin
"The Juridical Voice of Literature: A Perspective on Literature’s Entanglement with Normativity"

Suntrup, Jan Christoph
"The Legal Person and its Other: A Comparative View on Drawing and Effacing Boundaries in Various Cultural Contexts"

Beckmann, Lisa
"Undoing Ableism: Disability as a Category of Historical and Legal Analysis"

Gschrey, Raul
“Visualizing Law’s Pluralities. Artistic Practice and Legal Culture"

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