On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture 11 (2021)

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On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture 11 (2021)
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Illness, Narrated

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On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture
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Isabella Kalte, Graduate Center for the Study of Culture, Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen

Dear colleagues,

we are very pleased to announce the publication of On_Culture's 11th issue entitled “Illness, Narrated,” guest-edited by Silvia Boide, Benjamin Brendel, Maaike Hommes, and Melanie Kreitler. Issue 11 takes into account new approaches and critical perspectives to the intricate relationship between narrative and illness.

_Article contributions explore the diversification of illness narratives in online spaces (Shannon Sandford, Astrid Joutseno), documentaries (Janin Tscheschel) or pandemic fiction (Birgit Däwes), and deal with the place of marginalized or minority groups within narratives of illness (Dagmar Wernitznig, Emma McKenna).

The issue’s _Essays feature insights into illness narratives and narrative medicine (Monica Greco & Paul Stenner) and illness as a product of social meaning and knowledge-making processes (Jon Arrizabalaga).

The difficulty of putting illness experiences into words is reflected on in the _Perspective by Ann Wallace, who shares her journey with long-COVID, and Kamila Iżykowicz explores how to render visible disability through art and design.

Read the entire issue here: https://www.on-culture.org/journal/issue-11/

With best wishes,

The Editorial Team



The Editorial Team: “Preface: Illness, Narrated”


Silvia Boide, Benjamin Brendel, Maaike Hommes, Melanie Kreitler: “Editorial: Illness, Narrated”<https://www.on-culture.org/journal/issue-11/editorial-2/>


Shannon Sandford: “‘You Can’t Combat Nothing‘: Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half and Reframing Mental Illness Through Webcomics”

Astrid Joutseno: “Blogging to Let Go: Life Writing, Maternal Cancer and Death”

Janin Tscheschel: “Through the Eyes of Peter Pan: Internalizing Mental Illness via Animation in the Documentary Life, Animated”

Birgit Däwes: “‘Untenanted by any Tangible Form‘: Illness, Minorities, and Narrative Masquerades in Contemporary Pandemic Fiction”

Dagmar Wernitznig: “The Madwoman in the Cellar: Trauma and Gender After Both World Wars — A Field Study of Psychiatric Files” <https://www.on-culture.org/journal/issue-11/the-madwoman-in-the-cellar/>

Emma McKenna: “Material Shifts: Theorizing Endometriosis, Embodiment, and Experimental Art” <https://www.on-culture.org/journal/issue-11/material-shifts/>


Monica Greco & Paul Stenner: “The Illness of Narrative: Reframing the Question of Limits” <https://www.on-culture.org/journal/issue-11/illness-of-narrative/>

Jon Arrizabalaga: “Infectious Diseases in Historical Perspective: French Pox Versus Venereal Syphilis” <https://www.on-culture.org/journal/issue-11/infectious-disea…ical-perspective/>


Ann E. Wallace: “Quarantined Voices: On the Transformative Impact of COVID Narratives at a Time of Crisis”

Kamila Iżykowicz: “Watch Your Back, Girl! The Story Behind The Dress for the Hunchbacked Girlby Poetic Designer Kamila Iżykowicz” <https://www.on-culture.org/journal/perspectives/watch-your-back-girl/>

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