International Journal of Military History and Historiography 38 (2018), 1

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International Journal of Military History and Historiography 38 (2018), 1
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International Journal of Military History and Historiography
Dr Marco Wyss, FRHistS Department of History Bowland College Lancaster University Lancaster LA1 4YT United Kingdom Tel.: 0044(0)1524592896 E-Mail:
Wolff, Sarah

The International Journal of Military History and Historiography has been continuously published (from 1978 to 2015 as the International Bibliography of Military History - IBMH) on behalf of the International Commission of Military History (ICMH), which can trace back its origins to 1938. Traditionally its main focus was on book reviews and review articles. Since the journal’s move to Brill in 2011, there has been an additional emphasis on historiographical articles, and the portfolio has been enlarged to include original research articles.

The journal thus offers its readers and authors a platform that includes original research articles on any military historical topic from antiquity to the contemporary period that can appeal to an international readership. Historiographical and review articles cover issues of major significance or deal with the state of military history in a specific ICMH member country. The short reviews (in the “Bibliographical Records” section) discuss newly published books, which are of historiographical relevance either for the international military history community or for one of ICMH’s national commissions.


Table of Content

Research Articles

A Prelude to Total War? The Abyssinian War (1935–36) in the Eyes of Foreign Military Observers
Bastian Matteo Scianna
pp.: 5–33 (29)

The South African Offensive Operations in Southern Abyssinia, 1940–1941
Evert Kleynhans
pp.: 34–66 (33)

Strike First or Wait Defensively: The Formulation of the IDF’s Fighting Strategy after Israel’s War of Independence
Yoram Fried
pp.: 67–91 (25)

Two Dogmas of the New War Thesis
Brian Smith
pp.: 92–120 (29)

Book Review

France 1940: Defending the Republic, written by Nord, Philip
Jan Willem Honig
pp.: 121–128 (8)

Bibliographical Records
pp.: 129–153 (25)

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