Ab Imperio (2004), 1

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Ab Imperio (2004), 1
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Heterogeneity of Imperial and National Memory

Kazan', Russland 2004: Selbstverlag des Herausgebers
124 € Jahresabo, 31 € Einzelhelheft



Ab Imperio. Studies of New Imperial History and Nationalism in the Post-Soviet Space
Russian Federation
Postanschrift: P.O. Box 157, Kazan' 420015. Tel./Fax: 7-8432-644-018
Alexander Kaplunovski

Ab Imperio editors are pleased to announce the release of the first issue of the journal in 2004. Ab Imperio is a bilingual (English-Russian) quarterly dedicated to studies of New Imperial History and Nationalism in the post Soviet Space. This issue opens a year long thematic program of the journal dedicated to exploration of problems of historical memory in nationally and ideologically divided post soviet space. Materials of this issue written from different disciplinary perspectives (theory, history, sociology, political science, anthropology) address the theme of "HETEROGENEITY OF IMPERIAL AND NATIONAL MEMORY" (see below the Table of Contents). This issue of the journal is also available online: http://www.abimperio.net

Ab Imperio announces new possibilities for ordering AI on line or through authorized distributors, which may be found at the journal's website: http://www.abimperio.net/order

For any inquires, please, contact the editors at: office@abimperio.net, semyonov@abimperio.net, glebov@rci.rutgers.edu, akaplunovski@abimperio.net

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Heterogeneity of Imperial and National Memory

I. Methodology and Theory

From the Editors Can an Empire Have Memory? An Invitation to Discussion (E)

Virtual Roundtable Reflections on Memory, Empire, and Nation
Etienne FRANCOIS (R)
Tony JUDT (R)
Matt Matsuda (E)

II. History

Constructing Region through the Past

Heinz-Gerhard Haupt: European History as Comparative History (E)

Mark von Hagen: Empires, Borderlands, and Diasporas: Eurasia as Anti-Paradigm for the Post-Soviet Era (R)

Geoffrey HOSKING (E)
Martin W. LEWIS (E)
David McDONALD (E)

Alexander Filiushkin: How Russia Became Asia for Europe? (R)

Yaroslav Hrytsak: On Sails and Gales, and Ships Sailing in Various Directions: Post-Soviet Ukraine (E)

Andrzej Nowak: From Empire Builder to Empire Breaker, or There and Back Again: History and Memory of Poland’s Role in East European Politics (E)

III. Archive

Sofia Tchouikina: Biographical Interview and the Sociology of Memory (R)

Interview with L. A. Uspenskaia (R)

Ilya Gerasimov, Marina Mogilner: Amarcord, the 20th Century: Forgetting Ideology? (Concluding Remarks to the Interview with L. Uspenaksia) (R)

IV. Sociology, Ethnology,
Political Science

Andreas Langenohl: Collective Memory after the Change of the Regime: Similarities and Differences between Commemorative Practices in Post-Communist and Post-Colonial Countries (E)

Stephen Velychenko: Post-Colonialism and Ukrainian History (E)

Vello Pettai: Narratives and Political Development in the Baltic States: History Revised and Improvised (E)

V. ABC: Empire & Nationalism Studies

Steven Sabol: Introduction to the Forum (E)

Marlene Laruelle, Sebastien Peyrouse: Russians in the Altai: Historical Memory and National Identity in Kazakhstan (R)

Peter Rottier: Legitimizing the Ata Meken: The Kazakh Intelligentsia Write a History of Their Homeland (E)

Elena Bezvikonnaia: The Reconstruction of National History in the Modern Republic of Kazakhstan (the Case of Russo-Kazakh Relations in the 18th – 19th c.) (R)

Aigul Zabirova: Post-Soviet Kazakhstan: A Review of Contemporary Western Historiography (R)

VI. Newest Mythologies

Elisabeth Gessat-Anstett: Memory Eternal or Memory Like a Sieve? Commemorative Logic in Post-Soviet Russia (R)

VII. Book Reviews

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