Ab Imperio (2023), 2

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Ab Imperio (2023), 2
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Citizenship and Participation in Imperial and National Polities

United States 2023: Ab Imperio, Inc.
4 issues per year



Ab Imperio. Studies of New Imperial History and Nationalism in the Post-Soviet Space
Russian Federation
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Aleksandr Turbin, History Department, UIC

Dear Colleagues,

The latest issue of Ab Imperio (2/2023) is now available at https://muse.jhu.edu/issue/50982

The “Methodology and Theory” section features an interview by Alexander Semyonov with Stuart Ward, a historian of the British Empire and decolonization, whose recent book Untied Kingdom: A Global History of the End of Britain has offered an alternative narrative of the British Empire as a composite polity in the permanent crisis.

The “Archive” section presents archival documents pertaining to the organization of the Russian Art Exhibition of 1924–1926 in the United States to elucidate the reality of an autonomous grassroots formation of Soviet citizenship and the absence of an effective or at least consolidated state policy “from above” in the 1920s. In the commentary to the sources, Pavel Golubev offers a new perspective on the differentiation between citizenship and the official nation, and between nationalism and republicanism as the basis of the modern state.

Ab Imperio 2023 Annual Program “Toward a Postnational History of Eurasia: Deconstructing Empires, Denationalizing Groupness” is available at https://sites.google.com/view/openabimperio/2023-annual-program

Ab Imperio Syllabus module – reading library for your syllabi – is available at: https://sites.google.com/view/ai-syllabus

Submission guidelines: https://abimperio.net/


“Methodology and Theory” section:

“Citizenship as a Subjectivity: Beyond the Historical Symbiosis of Republicanism and Nationalism” by the Editors.

“Affective Subjecthood, Citizenship, and Decolonization in the British Context: Interview with Stuart Ward” by Alexander Semyonov.

“History” section:

“The Manchurian Wedge: Settler Colonialism, Subjecthood, and Land Use in the Russian Imperial Far East” by Stephanie Ziehaus.

“‘Like Sneaky Thieves, They Broke into Royal Tombs’: Mobility, Egyptian Antiquities, and the Limits of Anti-Colonial Critique” by Vitalij Fastovskij.

“Paths Not Taken: How Did Nomadism Affect Border-Making during National Delimitation in Central Asia?” by Stephan Rindlisbacher and Alun Thomas.

“Archive” section:

“Beyond Triumph: The Russian Art Exhibition of 1924–1926 in the United States and Soviet Cultural Diplomacy” by Pavel Golubev.

“The Russian Art Exhibition of 1924–1926: Archival Documents”.

The issue also contains an extended section of book reviews.

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