Ab Imperio (2023), 3

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Ab Imperio (2023), 3
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Rethinking the Politics of Naming and the Logic of Groupness

United States 2023: Ab Imperio, Inc.
4 issues per year
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Ab Imperio. Studies of New Imperial History and Nationalism in the Post-Soviet Space
Russian Federation
Postanschrift: P.O. Box 157, Kazan' 420015. Tel./Fax: 7-8432-644-018
Aleksandr Turbin, History Department, UIC

Dear Colleagues,

The latest issue of Ab Imperio (3/2023) is now available https://muse.jhu.edu/issue/51592

It features studies of the Russian imperial army’s nationalization during WWI (Klimentii Fedevich) and Karaite Slavs in Crimea under the Nazi occupation (Yuri Radchenko), recollections of Yuri N. Roerich’s last Moscow period (publication by Sergei Kan), and a discussion of Pavel Krusanov and countercultural sources of Russian imperialism (Fabrizio Fenghi). In the forum “Nagorno-Karabakh: A Mark on the Historical Map” Stephen Badalyan Riegg, Arsène Saparov, and Sergey Rumyantsev trace the history of Nagorno-Karabakh and reconstruct the circumstances that turned the problem of managing its heterogeneous multicultural society into an intractable conflict. The issue also presents the publication and discussion platform “Peripheral Histories?” (https://www.peripheralhistories.co.uk).


“Methodology and Theory” section:

“From the Editors: Blank Spots on the Outdated Maps of Groupness” by the Editors.

“Platform '24: Restoring a Common Scholarly Field of Postnational and Postimperial Studies” by the Editors.

“History” section:

“The Nationalization of the Russian Army (1914–1917): An Empire of Rusian and Non-Rusian Nationalisms” by Klimentii Fedevich.

“Nazi Policy toward Karaite Slavs in Crimea (1941–1944)” by Yuri Radchenko.

“Archive” section:

“Elena S. Semeka’s Story: Yuri N. Roerich, “A Man from Another Planet,” at the Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies, 1957–1960” by Sergei Kan.

“Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science” section:

Forum AI: “Nagorno-Karabakh: A Mark on the Historical Map”:

“Neo-Primordialism in the Making of Nations: The Tragedies of Karabakh” by Stephen Badalyan Riegg.

“Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: What's Next?” by Arsène Saparov.

“‘Patriotic War’ for Karabakh: Prerequisites and Consequences” by Sergey Rumyantsev.

“ABC: Empire & Nationalism Studies” section:

“Peripheral Histories: Reflections on a Digital History Project in an Evolving Field” by Catherine Gibson, Susan Grunewald, Siobhán Hearne, Jo Laycock, Hanna Matt, and Alun Thomas.

“Newest Mythologies” section:

“The Absolute Elsewhere: Pavel Krusanov and the Countercultural Sources of Russian Imperialism” by Fabrizio Fenghi.

The issue also contains an extended section of book reviews.

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