KRITIKA 11 (2010), 3 – Special Issue

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KRITIKA 11 (2010), 3 – Special Issue
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Special Issue: Dogs, Monks, Guns, Pretenders: Society and Culture in Muscovy

Bloomington, Indiana, US 2010: Slavica Publishers
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Kritika. Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History
United States
Managing editor: Carolyn Pouncy Georgetown University <> Editorial Office: School of Foreign Service Intercultural Center 301 Georgetown University Washington, DC 20057 USA Publisher: Slavica Publishers Indiana University 1430 North Willis Drive Bloomington. IN 47404-2146, USA
Carolyn Pouncy


Kritika, Volume 11, Number 3 (Summer 2010)
Special Issue
Dogs, Monks, Guns, Pretenders: Society and Culture in Muscovy


From the Editors

An Interview with Edward L. Keenan … 457


Ann Kleimola
Hunting for Dogs in 17th-Century Muscovy … 467

Isolde Thyrêt
Economic Reconstruction or Corporate Raiding? The Borisoglebskii Monastery in Torzhok and the Ascription of Monasteries in the 17th Century … 489

Donald Ostrowski
The Replacement of the Composite Reflex Bow by Firearms in the Muscovite Cavalry … 513

Maureen Perrie
“Royal Marks”: Reading the Bodies of Russian Pretenders, 17th–19th Centuries … 535


Angela Rustemeyer
Systems and Senses: New Research on Muscovy and the Historiography on Early Modern Europe … 563

Review Forum: New Approaches to Art and Music

Oliver Johnson
Alternative Histories of Soviet Visual Culture … 581

Kevin Bartig
Rethinking Russian Music: Institutions, Nationalism, and Untold Histories … 609

Review Forum: Stalinist Terror

Paul Hagenloh
Terror and the Gulag … 627

Oleg Khlevniuk
The Stalinist Police State … 641

Review Essay

Teddy J. Uldricks
Icebreaker Redux: The Debate on Stalin’s Role in World War II Continues … 649


Marina Mogilner
Daniel Beer, Renovating Russia: The Human Sciences and the Fate of Liberal Modernity, 1880–1930 … 661

Brian Horowitz
Verena Dohrn, Jüdische Eliten im Russischen Reich (Jewish Elites in the Russian Empire); Jonathan Frankel, Crisis, Revolution, and Russian Jews; Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern, Jews in the Russian Army, 1827–1917: Drafted Into Modernity … 673

Norihiro Naganawa
Salavat Midkhatovich Iskhakov, Pervaia russkaia revoliutsiia i musul´mane Rossiiskoi imperii (The First Russian Revolution and Muslims of the Russian Empire); Il´dus Kotdusovich Zagidullin, Islamskie instituty v Rossiiskoi imperii: Mecheti v evropeiskoi chasti Rossii i Sibiri (Islamic Institutions in the Russian Empire: Mosques in European Russia and Siberia) … 682

Errata … 693

Contributors to This Issue … 694

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