KRITIKA 16 (2015), 2

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KRITIKA 16 (2015), 2
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Bloomington, Indiana, US 2015: Slavica Publishers
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Carolyn Pouncy
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Managing editor
Georgetown University
Kritika. Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History
United States
Washington, DC
<> Editorial Office: School of Foreign Service Intercultural Center 301 Georgetown University Publisher: Slavica Publishers Indiana University 1430 North Willis Drive Bloomington. IN 47404-2146, USA
Carolyn Pouncy

Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History is, as its name suggests, dedicated to critical inquiry into the history and culture of Russia and Eurasia. Since 2000 Kritika has been dedicated to internationalizing the field and making it relevant to a broad interdisciplinary audience. The journal regularly publishes forums, discussions, and special issues; it often translates important works by Russian and European scholars into English; and it publishes in every issue in-depth, lengthy review articles, review essays, and reviews of Russian, Eurasian, and European works that are rarely, if ever, covered in North American Russian studies journals.



From the Editors
A New Chill? Foreign Scholars and the Russian Visa Question … 229

Erratum … 234


William Pomeranz
The Practice of Law and the Promise of Rule of Law: The Advokatura and the Civil Process in Tsarist Russia … 235

Mayhill C. Fowler
Mikhail Bulgakov, Mykola Kulish, and Soviet Theater: How Internal Transnationalism Remade Center and Periphery … 263

Forum: Forces for Change in Early Modern Russia

Paul Bushkovitch
Change and Culture in Early Modern Russia … 291

Nancy S. Kollmann
A Deeper Early Modern: A Response to Paul Bushkovitch … 317

Forum: What’s So Central about Central Asia?

Uyama Tomohiko
The Contribution of Central Eurasian Studies to Russian and (Post-)Soviet Studies and Beyond … 331

Gulmira Sultangalieva
The Place of Kazakhstan in the Study of Central Asia … 345

Sergey Abashin
Soviet Central Asia on the Periphery … 359

Jeff Sahadeo
Home and Away: Why the Asian Periphery Matters in Russian History … 375


David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye
On the Edge? Central Asia’s Place in the Field … 389

Review Essay

Anatoly Pinsky
Soviet Modernity Post-Stalin: The State, Emotions, and Subjectivities … 395


Ekaterina Boltunova
The Russian Officer Corps and Military Efficiency, 1800–1914 … 413

Olga Haldey
The Melodrama of City Life in Early 20th-Century Russia … 423

Faith Hillis
Warsaw Jews and the 1905 Revolution … 429

Alexis Peri
Survival and Subversion during the Great Patriotic War … 437

Ingrid Kleespies
Tourism Soviet-Style … 444

Thomas M. Bohn
Soviet History as a History of Urbanization … 451

In Memoriam

Brian J. Boeck
Edward L. Keenan (1935–2015) … 459

Contributors to This Issue … 467

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