Gender and History 34 (2022), 1

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Gender and History 34 (2022), 1

Oxford u.a. 2022: Wiley-Blackwell



Gender and History
United Kingdom
Sophie-Margarete Schuster, Geschichtswissenschaften, Kulturwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Issue Information
Pages: 1-2 - First Published:05 March 2022


Missing Queens: Gender, Dynasty and Power in Vandal Africa
Robin Whelan
Pages: 3-21 - First Published:05 May 2021

A Latin American Casanova? Sex, Gender, Enlightenment and Revolution in the Life and Writings of Francisco de Miranda (1750–1816)
Mónica Bolufer
Pages: 22-41 - First Published:05 May 2021

A Fatherland of Free Men. Virility and ‘Frailty’ in Spanish Liberalism (1808–1814)
Xavier Andreu-Miralles
Pages: 42-58 - First Published:21 May 2021

Inventing a Space to Speak: Ethos, Agency and United States' Woman Suffrage Cookbooks (1886–1916)
Danielle Nielsen
Pages: 59-76 - First Published:16 April 2021

The Basque Heroine Libe and the Nationalist Press (1895–1936)
Leyre Arrieta
Pages: 77-97 - First Published:29 April 2021

The Autobiography of a Neurasthene (1910): The Medical Counternarratives of Margaret Abigail Cleaves, MD
Tanfer Emin Tunc
Pages: 98-115 - First Published:07 June 2021

Training for Citizenship: The Women's Suffrage Movement and Modernising the State in Early Twentieth‐Century South Africa
S. E. Duff
Pages: 116-134 - First Published:09 June 2021

Migrant Intimacies and Ambiguities of Law: The Case of Wife Enticement Among Indians in Colonial Singapore, 1900–1940
Ranjana Raghunathan
Pages: 135-152 - First Published:22 March 2021

White Suits and Kangaroo Kills: Making Men's Careers in American Nursing
Rachel Elder
Pages: 153-178 - First Published:21 May 2021

‘We Cows are in a Very Serious Predicament’: Constructions of Land Girls and Cattle in Britain in the Second World War
Thomas Webb, Penny Summerfield, Mark Riley, Chris Pearson
Pages: 179-200 - First Published:05 May 2021

The ‘Hiroshima Maidens’ on Different Shores: Decentralising Scarred Japanese Femininity in the A‐Bomb Victimhood
Naoko Wake
Pages: 201-221 - First Published:21 April 2021

‘Disgusting and Intolerable’: Sexual Relationships between European Women and Moroccan Men in French Morocco in the 1940s and 1950s
Catherine Phipps
Pages: 222-242 - First Published:05 May 2021

Racialising Baby Boys: Racial and Gender Politics in Infant Formula Advertisements in Cold War Korea, 1950s–1960s
Na Sil Heo
Pages: 243-262 - First Published:27 May 2021

‘Our Point of Departure is Feminist’: Féminin Masculin Avenir and the Intersectional Origins of Women's Liberation in France, 1967–1970
Hannah Leffingwell
Pages: 263-281 - First Published:16 April 2021


Bodies and Things: Power and Histories of Gender in Africa
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Avenel Rolfsen
Pages: 282-292 - First Published:05 March 2022

Sexual Conceits of the Colonial State
Hinchy, Jessica, Governing Gender and Sexuality in Colonial India: The Hijra, C.1850–1900 ( Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019) Kozma, Liat, Global Women, Colonial Ports: Prostitution in the Interwar Middle East ( Ithaca: State University of New York Press, 2017) Mitra, Durba, Indian Sex Life: Sexuality and the Colonial Origins of Modern Social Thought ( Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2020) Pande, Ishita, Sex, Law, and the Politics of Age: Child Marriage in India, 1891–1937 ( Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020) Surkis, Judith, Sex, Law, and Sovereignty in French Algeria, 1830–1930 ( Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2019)
Vaibhav Saria
Pages: 293-304 - First Published:05 March 2022

Hájková, Anna, The Last Ghetto: An Everyday History of Theresienstadt ( New York: Oxford University Press, 2020), p. 376. ISBN 0190051779
Pages: 305-307 - First Published:05 March 2022

Durba Mitra, Indian Sex Life: Sexuality and the Colonial Origins of Modern Social Thought ( Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2020), pp. 290. ISBN 9780691196343
Pages: 308-310 - First Published:05 March 2022

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Pages: 311-313 - First Published:05 March 2022

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