Gender and History 35 (2023), 2

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Gender and History 35 (2023), 2

Oxford u.a. 2023: Wiley-Blackwell



Gender and History
United Kingdom
Moritz Pallasch, Institut für Geschichtswissenschaften, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Queens Consort, Gender and Diplomacy: Catherine of Aragon, Claude of France and the Field of Cloth of Gold
Sally Fisher
pp.: 387–407

Masculine Old Women or Feminine Old Men? Rethinking Gender and the Ageing Body in Early Modern English Medicine
Amie Bolissian
pp.: 408–428

“The rainha is the boss!”: On Masculinities, Time and Precolonial Women of Authority in Northern Mozambique
Jonna Katto
pp.: 429–451

“Monsters are they in Nature”: Female Masturbation and Constructions of Femininity in the Early Eighteenth Century England
Elizabeth Schlappa
pp.: 452–471

Of Mumps and Men: Masculinity and the Severity of a Vaccine Preventable Disease in Western Medicine, 1760s–1960s
Elena Conis
pp.: 472–490

“It Was Necessary to Do Something With Those Women”: Colonial Governance and the “Disposal” of Women and Girls in Early Nineteenth-Century Sierra Leone
Maeve Ryan
pp.: 491–510

Recipes for Disaster: Cookery Books and the Management of Intimacy in Colonial Kenyan Settler Homes 1919–1944
Elizabeth Winifred Williams
pp.: 511–527

Women as Common Scolds in Law and Popular Culture: Pennsylvania, 1824–1972
Richard Kielbowicz
pp.: 528–546

The Weaponising of Women's Bodies in the Wars of Reform and French Intervention in Mexico, 1857–1867
Francie Chassen-López
pp.: 547–564

Hysteria as a Shape-Shifting Forensic Psychiatric Diagnosis in the Netherlands c. 1885–1960
Willemijn Ruberg
pp.: 565–581

Suffragettes and Shrews: Unruly British Women in the Early Chinese Press (1900s–1910s)
Shu Yang
pp.: 582–602

“Access to Women”: Securing Mormon Whiteness in the US Army's Regulation of Commercial Sex in Chihuahua, 1916
Pamela Jean Maddock
pp.: 603–622

“My Blood Was All Turning to Water”: Testimonial Advertisements and the Creation of a Menstrual Network in the U.S., 1870s–1910s
Frances Davey
pp.: 623–641

“Hollywood is a Woman's Town”: Masculinity and the Leading Man in American Fan Magazines of the 1930s
Stephen Sharot
pp.: 642–666

Visions of Statesmanship Across The Atlantic: Presidential Masculinity and the American Response to Benito Mussolini
Jaap Verheul
pp.: 667–690

Writing on Domesticity, Thinking about Politics: Women Organising during Decolonisation in Cambodia, 1948–1952
Catriona Miller
pp.: 691–708

The Case of Mister X (Formerly Miss X): Intersexuality in Modern Kenya and the Ethics of History Writing (c. 1940–present)
Kara Moskowitz
pp.: 709–729

Machismo and other Intimacies in Twentieth-Century Bolivia: Reflections on Conducting Oral Histories about Sexuality and Reproduction
Natalie L. Kimball
pp.: 730–748


Imagination and the Gendered Self in South Asia
Ishan Mehandru
pp.: 749–756


Giving Birth in Eighteenth-Century England By Sarah Fox, London: University of London Press, 2022, p. 254, ISBN: 978-1-914477-06-5.
Kate Gibson
pp.: 757–758

Women in Wartime: Theatrical Representations in the Long Eighteenth Century By Paula R. Backscheider, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022, pp. 456, ISBN-10: 1421441675.
Meghan Kobza
pp.: 759–760

Proving Pregnancy: Gender, Law, and Medical Knowledge in Nineteenth Century America By Felicity M. Turner, Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 2022, pp. 228, ISBN: 9781469669700.
Elizabeth M. Barnes
pp.: 761–762

Men in the American Women's Rights Movement, 1830–1890: Cumbersome Allies Edited by Hélène Quanquin, London: Routledge, 2021, p. 204, ISBN: 9780367630096.
Chenchen Wang
pp.: 763–764.

Mujeres, Género y Violencia en la Guerra Civil y la Dictadura de Franco Edited by Conxita Mir and Ángela Cenarro, Valencia: Tirant Humanidades, 2021, p. 420. ISBN: 978-84-18614-98-9.
Stephanie Wright
pp.: 765–766

Women's International Thought: Towards A New Canon Edited by Patricia Owens, Katharina Rietzler, Kimberly Hutchings and Sarah C. Dunstan, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2022, pp. 776, ISBN: 9781108999762.
Gaynor Johnson
pp.: 767–768

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