Contemporary European History 12 (2003), 4

Contemporary European History 12 (2003), 4.

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Editor(s): Mary Vincent, University of Sheffield, UK Jonathan Morris, University College London, UK
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Editors: Jonathan Morris, University of Hertfordshire, UK Mary Vincent, University of Sheffield, UK Patricia Clavin, University of Oxford, UK John Connelly, University of California, Berkeley, USA Holger Nehring, University of Sheffield, UK
Published: February, May, August and November

1. Abstracts - S.i

2. Introduction
Heide-Irene Schmidt. - S.387-394

3. Control, Legitimacy, and the Securing of Interests: European Development Policy in South-east Asia from the Late Colonial Period to the Early 1960s
Marc Frey. - S.395-412

4. The Commonwealth, the Balance of Payments and the Politics of International Poverty: British Aid Policy, 1958-1971
Jim Tomlinson. - S.413-430

5. French Development Aid and Co-operation under de Gaulle
Gérard Bossuat. - S.431-456

6. Multilateral Institution-Building and National Interest: Dutch Development Policy in the 1960s
Esther Helena Arens. - S.457-472

7. Pushed to the Front: The Foreign Assistance Policy of the Federal Republic of Germany, 1958-1971
Heide-Irene Schmidt. - S.473-508

8. Italy's Foreign Assistance Policy, 1959-1969
Elena Calandri. - S.509-526

9. Altruism, Security and the Impact of Oil: Norway's Foreign Economic Assistance Policy, 1958-1971
Helge Pharo. - S.527-546

10. Coping with the Nazi Past: Germany and the Legacy of the Third Reich
Edith Raim. - S.547-560

11. An Alternative to Everyday Life? The Politics of Leisure and Tourism
Shelley Baranowski. - S.561-572

12. Writing Urban History for the Twentieth-Century City
Joan-Anton Sánchez De Juan. - S.573-584

13. Notes on Contributors - S.585

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