quest. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History 6 (2013)

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quest. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History 6 (2013)
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Travels to the “Holy Land”: Perceptions, Representations and Narratives

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Quest. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History
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Wyrwa, Ulrich

This issue, composed of ten essays, investigates the relationship between travel and the Holy Land from the 19th century to the beginning of the 21th century. In particular, it deals with perceptions, representations and narrations provided both by travelers to the Holy Land and by subjects (individuals, as well as groups, organizations and institutions) who envisioned it without ever having traveled there. In this way, this issue intends to identify reciprocal and intertwined influences between narratives of the imagined Holy Land and travelers' accounts, thus exploring to what extent the construction of the Holy Land has been carried out according to a combination of travelers' reports and imagined narratives.

More specifically, this issue simultaneously presents the way in which different travelers, coming from various geographic, religious, cultural, socio-economic and political backgrounds perceived the Holy Land, depicting, narrating and constructing it, irrespective of their reasons for traveling, whether based on religion (i.e. Jewish, Christian and Muslim pilgrims) profession, or tourism. Thus, it collects diverse viewpoints in order to shed light on the similarities and differences, continuities and fragmentations concerning the Holy Land that may have occurred during the last three centuries.



Travels to the “Holy Land”: Perceptions, Representations and Narratives
by Serena Di Nepi, Arturo Marzano

“Thousands great saints:” Evliya Çelebi in Ottoman Palestine
by Yaron Ben-Naeh

Images, Views and Landscapes of the Holy Land. Catholic and Protestant Travels to Ottoman Palestine during the 19th Century
by Paolo Maggiolini

Travels of Russians to the Holy Land in the 19th Century
by Simona Merlo

An Unusual Traveler: Ida Pfeiffer’s Visit to the Holy Land in 1842
by Jennifer Michaels

Stillness and Motion: Depicting the Urban Landscape of Palestine in the 19th Century
by Guy Galazka

Encounters of a Third Kind: Mark Twain, William C. Prime and Protestant American Holy Land Narratives
by Milette Shamir

“With Eyes towards Zion:” Visions of the Holy Land in Romanian Synagogues
by Ilia Rodov

Visiting British Palestine: Zionist travelers to Eretz Israel
by Arturo Marzano

Graphic Novels Explore an (Un-)Holy Land
by Nina Fischer

Beholding the Holy City: Changes in the Iconic Representation of Jerusalem in the 21th Century
by Dana Hercbergs, Chaim Noy


Maristella Botticini, Zvi Eckstein
The Chosen Few: How Education Shaped Jewish History, 70-1492

Contribution by:Sergio Della Pergola
Contribution by:Cristiana Facchini


Pál Hatos and Attila Novák (eds.)
Between Minority and Majority. Hungarian and Jewish/Israeli Ethnical and Cultural Experiences in Recent Centuries
by Ferenc Laczó

Klaus Kempter
Joseph Wulf. Ein Historikerschicksal in Deutschland
by Ulrich Wyrwa

Asher Salah
L’epistolario di Marco Mortara. Un rabbino italiano tra riforma e ortodossia
by Carlotta Ferrara Degli Uberti

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