Journal of American History 106 (2019), 3

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Journal of American History 106 (2019), 3
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Bloomington, IN 2019: Oxford University Press



The Journal of American History
United States
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William Penn: A Life
Marianne S. Wokeck

Christian Slavery: Conversion and Race in the Protestant Atlantic World
John Patrick Daly

The Global Interior: Mineral Frontiers and American Power
Stephanie LeMenager

The Lumbee Indians: An American Struggle
Kevin T. Barksdale

Covert Regime Change: America's Secret Cold War
David S. Foglesong

River, Reaper, Rail: Agriculture and Identity in Ohio's Mad River Valley, 1795–1885
Thomas Humphrey

A Journey to Freedom: Richard Oakes, Alcatraz, and the Red Power Movement
Laurence M. Hauptman

Medical Bondage: Race, Gender, and the Origins of American Gynecology
Lawrence B. Goodheart

Ethnographies of U.S. Empire
Jana Kate Lipman

Treasures Afoot: Shoe Stories from the Georgian Era
Sarah Fatherly

Breaking the Banks: Representations and Realities in New England Fisheries, 1866–1966
Christopher P. Magra

Nature behind Barbed Wire: An Environmental History of the Japanese American Incarceration
Yasuhide Kawashima

Under the Starry Flag: How a Band of Irish Americans Joined the Fenian Revolt and Sparked a Crisis over Citizenship
Bryan P. McGovern

The Interrogation Rooms of the Korean War: The Untold History
Kevin Y. Kim

The Field of Blood: Violence in Congress and the Road to Civil War
Harry Watson

American Capitalism: New Histories
Claire Goldstene

Creating the Land of Lincoln: The History and Constitutions of Illinois, 1778–1870
Jeffrey Brown

The Power of Objects in Eighteenth-Century British America
Kathryn E. Wilson

Implacable Foes: War in the Pacific, 1944–1945
Michael Sherry

Fraud: An American History from Barnum to Madoff
David L. Mason

Scandinavians in Chicago: The Origins of White Privilege in Modern America
L. DeAne Lagerquist

Democracy in Exile: Hans Speier and the Rise of the Defense Intellectual
Joel Isaac

The Ecocentrists: A History of Radical Environmentalism
Robert Wyss

War Matters: Material Culture in the Civil War Era
Matthew Christopher Hulbert

A Global History of Gold Rushes
Richard Stillson

Omar Nelson Bradley: America's GI General, 1893–1981
Louis L. Woods

Bourbon Justice: How Whiskey Law Shaped America
Amy H. Mittelman

In the Looking Glass: Mirrors and Identity in Early America
Lester C. Olson

Raising the Flag: America's First Envoys in Faraway Lands
Janet M. Manson

Cross-Border Commemorations: Celebrating Swedish Settlement in America
Philip J. Anderson

Mr. X and the Pacific: George F. Kennan and American Policy in East Asia
Gordon H. Chang

Metropolitan Denver: Growth and Change in the Mile High City
Carl Abbott

Unredeemed Land: An Environmental History of Civil War and Emancipation in the Cotton South
Daniel McCool

Beyond the Beach: The Allied War against France
Simone Selva


War and Remembrance: The Story of the American Battle Monuments Commission
Teresa Bergman

Big Sister: Feminism, Conservatism, and Conspiracy in the Heartland
Francesca Morgan

Faithful Encounters: Authorities and American Missionaries in the Ottoman Empire
Nur Bilge Criss

The American Revolution: A World War
John E. Crowley

The Psychological War for Vietnam, 1960–1968
Matthew Jagel

Waterfront Manhattan: From Henry Hudson to the High Line
Evelyn Gonzalez

Modern Bonds: Redefining Community in Early Twentieth-Century St. Paul
Timothy J. Crimmins

Embattled Freedom: Journeys through the Civil War's Slave Refugee Camps
Gerald J. Prokopowicz

American Latinos and the Making of the United States: A Theme Study
Laura Dominguez; Sarah Zenaida Gould

Traumatic Defeat: Pows, Mias, and National Mythmaking
Robert D. Billinger, Jr.

Max Eastman: A Life
James Boylan

Bible Culture and Authority in the Early United States
Robert E. Brown

Republics of the New World: The Revolutionary Political Experiment in 19th-Century Latin America
James A. Lewis

Phoebe Apperson Hearst: A Life of Power and Politics
David C. Hammack

Withdrawal: Reassessing America's Final Years in Vietnam
David L. Anderson

A People's History of Computing in the United States
Louise Benjamin

English Ethnicity and Culture in North America
Martin Crawford

Equal Justice Initiative Legacy Museum: “From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration,”
Jane McFadden

Film Censorship: Regulating America's Screen
Laura Wittern-Keller

Disruption in Detroit: Autoworkers and the Elusive Postwar Boom
Richard Oestreicher

Aberration of Mind: Suicide and Suffering in the Civil War–Era South
Matthew Warshauer

Race and the Making of the Mormon People
Sujey Vega

Breaking Babe Ruth: Baseball's Campaign against Its Biggest Star
Daniel A. Nathan

Selling Reagan's Foreign Policy: Going Public vs. Executive Bargaining
Gregory L. Schneider

Founding Martyr: The Life and Death of Dr. Joseph Warren, the American Revolution's Lost Hero
Craig Bruce Smith

“Undesign the Redline.”
Todd M. Michney

Lust on Trial: Censorship and the Rise of American Obscenity in the Age of Anthony Comstock
Amanda K. Frisken

They Said No to Nixon: Republicans Who Stood Up to the President's Abuses of Power
Mary C. Brennan

Blue-Collar Conservatism: Frank Rizzo's Philadelphia and Populist Politics
Dennis Deslippe

The Hello Girls: America's First Women Soldiers
Maurine W. Greenwald

Our Country: Northern Evangelicals and the Union during the Civil War Era
David Hein

Justifying Revolution: Law, Virtue, and Violence in the American War of Independence
Aaron J. Palmer

The Strategic Defense Initiative: Ronald Reagan, Nato Europe, and the Nuclear and Space Talks, 1981–1988
T. Michael Ruddy

The Soul of Judaism: Jews of African Descent in America
Glen Anthony Harris

The Promise of Patriarchy: Women and the Nation of Islam
Jane Rhodes

Blackface Nation: Race, Reform, and Identity in American Popular Music, 1812–1925
W. Fitzhugh Brundage

Declared Defective: Native Americans, Eugenics, and the Myth of Nam Hollow
Boyd Cothran

The Postwar Origins of the Global Environment: How the United Nations Built Spaceship Earth
Rowly Brucken

Practical Liberators: Union Officers in the Western Theater during the Civil War
Derek R. Everett

Bulls Markets: Chicago's Basketball Business and the New Inequality
Courtney Michelle Smith

Charles Austin Beard: The Return of the Master Historian of American Imperialism
Campbell Craig

The Townshend Moment: The Making of Empire and Revolution in the Eighteenth Century
Mark G. Spencer

Separate and Unequal: The Kerner Commission and the Unraveling of American Liberalism
Kenneth O'Reilly

Human Bondage and Abolition: New Histories of Past and Present Slaveries
Michael Guasco

Indigenous Visions: Rediscovering the World of Franz Boas
Sean P. Harvey

Crush: The Triumph of California Wine
Erica Hannickel

Long Road to Harpers Ferry: The Rise of the First American Left
Graham Russell Gao Hodges

The Religious Left in Modern America: Doorkeepers of a Radical Faith
Christopher D. Cantwell

Committed to Memory: The Art of the Slave Ship Icon
Theresa Leininger-Miller

Field Life: Science in the American West during the Railroad Era
David D. Vail

No Property in Man: Slavery and Antislavery at the Nation's Founding
H. Robert Baker

Father's Kingdom
Tona Hangen

Delta Epiphany: Robert F. Kennedy in Mississippi
Kevin Anderson

The City that Ate Itself: Butte, Montana, and Its Expanding Berkeley Pit
Eric J. Morser

Armed in America: A History of Gun Rights from Colonial Militias to Concealed Carry
Robert H. Churchill

Shortfall: Family Secrets, Financial Collapse, and a Hidden History of American Banking
Eli Cook

Meat Makes People Powerful: A Global History of the Modern Era
Kendra Smith-Howard

Hopi Runners: Crossing the Terrain between Indian and American
Richard Clemmer-Smith

Mothers of Massive Resistance: White Women and the Politics of White Supremacy
Rebecca Hill

Forging the American Nation, 1787–1791: James Madison and the Federalist Revolution
Gary L. McDowell

Maternal Bodies: Redefining Motherhood in Early America
Carolyn J. Lawes

Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Heather Hendershot

The Medal of Honor: The Evolution of America's Highest Military Decoration
Jay M. Price

The Presidents and the Poor: America Battles Poverty, 1964–2017
Wesley G. Phelps

The Injustice Never Leaves You: Anti-Mexican Violence in Texas
Frank P. Barajas

Expelling the Poor: Atlantic Seaboard States and the Nineteenth-Century Origins of American Immigration Policy
David T. Gleeson

Race Capital? Harlem as Setting and Symbol
Jamie J. Wilson

The World Come of Age: An Intellectual History of Liberation Theology
Scott Appleby

Sea Otters: A History
Susan Nance

The Lavender Scare
Alan Nadel

The Embattled Vote in America: From the Founding to the Present
Rebecca J. Mead

New Negro Politics in the Jim Crow South
David Lucander

Dr. Harriot Kezia Hunt: Nineteenth-Century Physician and Woman's Rights Advocate
Megan Seaholm

Everybody's Problem: The War on Poverty in Eastern North Carolina
William Clayson

Vagrants and Vagabonds: Poverty and Mobility in the Early American Republic
Jeffrey S. Adler

Gone Home: Race and Roots through Appalachia
John C. Inscoe

What's My Name: Muhammad Ali
Michael Ezra

The Heavens Might Crack: The Death and Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr
Micki McElya

An American Language: The History of Spanish in the United States
Tova Cooper

The Filth of Progress: Immigrants, Americans, and the Building of Canals and Railroads in the West
Paul Taillon

Paradoxes of Hawaiian Sovereignty: Land, Sex, and the Colonial Politics of State Nationalism
Jonathan Y. Okamura

Eunice: The Kennedy Who Changed the World
Kim Nielsen

Marooned: Jamestown, Shipwreck, and a New History of America's Origin
Kathleen Donegan

No Right to Be Idle: The Invention of Disability, 1840s–1930s
Lisa Joy Pruitt

Southern White Ministers and the Civil Rights Movement
James Findlay

In the Name of the Mother: Italian Americans, African Americans, and Modernity from Booker T. Washington to Bruce Springsteen
Jessica Maucione

Woodstock: Three Days that Defined a Generation
Jon Lewis

Other People's Money: How Banking Worked in the Early American Republic
Andrew J. B. Fagal

Reassessing the 1930s South
Lydia J. Plath

Esteban: The African Slave Who Explored America
Randy J. Sparks

Sentinel: The Unlikely Origins of the Statue of Liberty
Frances K. Pohl

Green Book
James I. Deutsch

The Limits of Liberty: Mobility and the Making of the Eastern U.S.-Mexican Border
Andrew K. Frank

The Life of Mark Twain: The Early Years, 1835–1871
Andrew Levy

Liquid Landscape: Geography and Settlement at the Edge of Early America
Michael D. Wise

America's Changing Icons: Constructing Patriotic Women from World War I to the Present
Katherine J. Lehman

The Rise and Decline of the American Century
Inderjeet Parmar

The South of the Mind: American Imaginings of White Southerness, 1960–1980
Rachel Rubin

The Color Line and the Assembly Line: Managing Race in the Ford Empire
Timothy J. Minchin

Mapping Early American Elections
Joshua A. Lynn

How the West Was Drawn: Mapping, Indians, and the Construction of the Trans-Mississippi West
April R. Summitt

Finding Thoreau: The Meaning of Nature in the Making of an Environmental Icon
Bob Pepperman Taylor

Justice in a New World: Negotiating Legal Intelligibility in British, Iberian, and Indigenous America
Jon Parmenter

Soldiers of the Nation: Military Service and Modern Puerto Rico, 1868–1952
Robert C. McGreevey

Transforming Hawai'i: Balancing Coercion and Consent in Eighteenth-Century Kānaka Maoli Statecraft
David “Keanu” Sai

Governing Bodies: American Politics and the Shaping of the Modern Physique
Karen M. Hawkins

Walden, A Game
Paul Schacht

The Common Wind: Afro-American Currents in the Age of the Haitian Revolution
Ashli White

South of Pico: African American Artists in Los Angeles in the 1960s and 1970s
Stephanie Leigh Batiste

Rube Tube: Cbs and Rural Comedy in the Sixties
Allison Perlman

The Coming of Democracy: Presidential Campaigning in the Age of Jackson
Michael Todd Landis

Almost Home: Maroons between Slavery and Freedom in Jamaica, Nova Scotia, and Sierra Leone
Jeffrey A. Fortin

Oil and Urbanization on the Pacific Coast: Ralph Bramel Lloyd and the Shaping of the Urban West
Paul J. P. Sandul

The Eugenic Rubicon
Celeste Tuòng Vy Sharpe

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