Journal of American History 106 (2019), 4

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Journal of American History 106 (2019), 4
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Bloomington, IN 2019: Oxford University Press



The Journal of American History
United States
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Wolff, Sarah




The Properties of Capitalism: Industrial Enclosures in the South and the West after the American Civil War
Emma Teitelman

Truth in the Jungle of Literature, Science, and Politics: Upton Sinclair's The Jungle and Food Control Reforms during the Progressive Era
Rüdiger Graf

The Evolution of Environmental (In)Justice in Spartanburg, South Carolina, 1900–2000
Andrew Gutkowski

Bananas North, Deportees South: Punishment, Profits, and the Human Costs of the Business of Deportation
Adam Goodman

JAH Women's History Index

JAH Women's History Index

Textbooks and Teaching

Peculiar Partners: Historians, Data, and the Search for Student Success in the Introductory History Course

Beyond Big Data: Teaching Introductory U.S. History in the Age of Student Success
Bridget Ford; Katherine Chilton; Christopher Endy ; Michael Henderson; Brad A. Jones ...

Beyond beyond Coverage: Tackling Student Success in the Introductory History Course
David J. Voelker

Rethinking Student Success: History Pedagogy and the Promise of Social Change across the K–16 Continuum
Natalie Mendoza

Book Reviews

A Nation Forged by Crisis: A New American History
Raffaella Baritono

American Labyrinth: Intellectual History for Complicated Times
Richard Drake

A History of America in 100 Maps
Ronald E. Doel

Congoism: Congo Discourses in the United States from 1800 to the Present
Bruce Kuklick

Democracy and Truth: A Short History
David Greenberg

Reshaping Women's History: Voices of Nontraditional Women Historians
Marcia G. Synnott

Civilizing Torture: An American Tradition
Carolyn Strange

Lethal State: A History of the Death Penalty in North Carolina
Michael Meranze

Black New Jersey: 1664 to the Present Day
John J. Bukowczyk

City of a Million Dreams: A History of New Orleans at Year 300
Eric Arnesen

The Dakota Sioux Experience at Flandreau and Pipestone Indian Schools
Adrea Lawrence

Beyond the Borders of the Law: Critical Legal Histories of the North American West
Lucas Volkman

Left in the West: Literature, Culture, and Progressive Politics in the American West
Kathy Ogren

Native but Foreign: Indigenous Immigrants and Refugees in the North American Borderlands
Jeffrey D. Means

Finding a New Midwestern History
Susan S. Rugh

A Primer for Teaching Environmental History: Ten Design Principles
Mark Eifler

Environmental Disaster in the Gulf South: Two Centuries of Catastrophe, Risk, and Resilience
James C. Giesen

Nature's Nation: American Art and Environment
Anne Verplanck

Global Jewish Foodways: A History
Deborah Dash Moore

The Story of Silver: How the White Metal Shaped America and the Modern World
William Schell, Jr.

The Warfare between Science and Religion: The Idea That Wouldn't Die
Paul J. Croce

Capitalist Pigs: Pigs, Pork, and Power in America
George B. Ellenberg

Lord Cornwallis Is Dead: The Struggle for Democracy in the United States and India
J. M. Opal

Gichi Bitobig, Grand Marais: Early Accounts of the Anishinaabeg and the North Shore Fur Trade
Judith Ridner

Allegories of Encounter: Colonial Literacy and Indian Captivities
Zabelle Stodola

Anglo-Native Virginia: Trade, Conversion, and Indian Slavery in the Old Dominion, 1646–1722
Kathleen Bradgon

Storm of the Sea: Indians and Empires in the Atlantic's Age of Sail
Kevin Dawson

The Indian World of George Washington: The First President, the First Americans, and the Birth of a Nation
Zbigniew Mazur

The Yamasee Indians: From Florida to South Carolina
George Edward Milne

America's Early Whalemen: Indian Shore Whalers on Long Island, 1650–1750
Joshua L. Reid

1619: Jamestown and the Forging of American Democracy
Jonathan M. Chu

The Poison Plot: A Tale of Adultery and Murder in Colonial Newport
M. Michelle Morris

God against the Revolution: The Loyalist Clergy's Case against the American Revolution
Jonathan D. Sassi

As a City on a Hill: The Story of America's Most Famous Lay Sermon
James G. Moseley

Slave Law and the Politics of Resistance in the Early Atlantic World
Ruma Chopra

London in a Box: Englishness and Theatre in Revolutionary America
Scott C. Martin

Political Community in Revolutionary Pennsylvania, 1774–1800
Steven M. Nolt

Blood from the Sky: Miracles and Politics in the Early American Republic
John Saillant

Jefferson and the Virginians: Democracy, Constitutions, and Empire
Jeremy D. Bailey

James Monroe: A Republican Champion
Sandra Moats

Bitterroot: The Life and Death of Meriwether Lewis
Harry W. Fritz

John Adams, Slavery, and Race: Ideas, Politics, and Diplomacy in an Age of Crisis
Christopher J. Young

The Genesis of America: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Formation of National Identity, 1793–1815
James E. Lewis, Jr.

The Founders and the Idea of a National University: Constituting the American Mind
Shelby M. Balik

The Relentless Business of Treaties: How Indigenous Land Became U.S. Property
Jeffrey Glover

The Bank War and the Partisan Press: Newspapers, Financial Institutions, and the Post Office in Jacksonian America
Jenny Bourne

Escaped Nuns: True Womanhood and the Campaign against Convents in Antebellum America
Rodger M. Payne

Lady First: The World of First Lady Sarah Polk
Jeanne Abrams

Land-Grant Colleges and Popular Revolt: The Origins of the Morrill Act and the Reform of Higher Education
Dexter L. Alexander

Gold Rush Manliness: Race and Gender on the Pacific Slope
Brian Roberts

Object Lessons: How Nineteenth-Century Americans Learned to Make Sense of the Material World
Diana B. Turk

Diploma Mill: The Rise and Fall of Dr. John Buchanan and the Eclectic Medical Colleges of Pennsylvania
Bobby Alan Wintermute

Selling the Sights: The Invention of the Tourist in American Culture
Thomas A. Chambers

To Master the Boundless Sea: The U.S. Navy, the Marine Environment, and the Cartography of Empire
Sasha Davis

Coast-to-Coast Empire: Manifest Destiny and the New Mexico Borderlands
Megan Kate Nelson

The Alchemy of Slavery: Human Bondage and Emancipation in the Illinois Country, 1730–1865
Stacy Pratt McDermott

The Dawn of Detroit: A Chronicle of Slavery and Freedom in the City of the Straits
Daniel C. Littlefield

Accounting for Slavery: Masters and Management
David F. Weiman

Single, White, Slaveholding Women in the Nineteenth-Century South
Marie Jenkins Schwartz

Masterless Men: Poor Whites and Slavery in the Antebellum South
Joseph P. Reidy

Making a Slave State: Political Development in Early South Carolina
Edward E. Baptist

The House that Sugarcane Built: The Louisiana Burguières
Bernard Moitt

The Know Nothings in Louisiana
V. Elaine Thompson

Interrupted Odyssey: Ulysses S. Grant and the American Indians
Elizabeth D. Samet

Contested Loyalty: Debates over Patriotism in the Civil War North
J. Matthew Gallman

Uncivil Warriors: The Lawyers' Civil War
Christian G. Samito

The Man Who Punched Jefferson Davis: The Political Life of Henry S. Foote, Southern Unionist
Daniel W. Crofts

Maryland, My Maryland: Music and Patriotism during the American Civil War
Scott Gac

Sinking Chicago: Climate Change and the Remaking of a Flood-Prone Environment
Colin Fisher

Remembering Lattimer: Labor, Migration, and Race in Pennsylvania Anthracite Country
M. Mark Stolarik

Elusive Utopia: The Struggle for Racial Equality in Oberlin, Ohio
Debra A. Reid

Race over Party: Black Politics and Partisanship in Late Nineteenth-Century Boston
Edward O. Frantz

Facing Freedom: An African American Community in Virginia from Reconstruction to Jim Crow
Lynda J. Morgan

The Chinese Must Go: Violence, Exclusion, and the Making of the Alien in America
Elaine Naylor

Empire's Tracks: Indigenous Nations, Chinese Workers, and the Transcontinental Railroad
Antoinette Burton

Mining the Borderlands: Industry, Capital, and the Emergence of Engineers in the Southwest Territories, 1855–1910
Edward Salo

Emancipation without Equality: Pan-African Activism and the Global Color Line
Bill V. Mullen

War, Law, and Humanity: The Campaign to Control Warfare
Gerald Steinacher

The Political Thought of America's Founding Feminists
Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz

Transatlantic Speculations: Globalization and the Panics of 1873
Marc-William Palen

King of the Dinosaur Hunters: The Life of John Bell Hatcher and the Discoveries that Shaped Paleontology
Susan Rhoades Neel

American Mestizos, the Philippines, and the Malleability of Race, 1898–1961
Justin F. Jackson

Haya de la Torre and the Pursuit of Power in Twentieth-Century Peru and Latin America
John A. Britton

Albert Gore, Sr.: A Political Life
J. Douglas Smith

Hubert Humphrey: The Conscience of the Country
Daniel Scroop

Born to Serve: A History of Texas Southern University
James Anderson

The Earth Memory Compass: Diné Landscapes and Education in the Twentieth Century
Kim Cary Warren

Battles of the North Country: Wilderness Politics and Recreational Development in the Adirondack State Park, 1920–1980
Christopher L. Pastore

Unsustainable Empire: Alternative Histories of Hawai'i Statehood
Eileen H. Tamura

Burning Up: A Global History of Fossil Fuel Consumption
Carl-Henry Geschwind

Babies Made Us Modern: How Infants Brought America into the Twentieth Century
Marilyn Irvin Holt

Napoli/New York/Hollywood: Film between Italy and the United States
Gregory Sumner

Let Us Make Men: The Twentieth-Century Black Press and a Manly Vision for Racial Advancement
Kimberley Mangun

Tombstone, Deadwood, and Dodge City: Re-creating the Frontier West
Richard Aquila

Borderline Citizens: The United States, Puerto Rico, and the Politics of Colonial Migration
Carmen Teresa Whalen

Standing Up to Colonial Power: The Lives of Henry Roe and Elizabeth Bender Cloud
Katherine M. B. Osburn

The Fight for Asian American Civil Rights: Liberal Protestant Activism, 1900–1950
Thomas A. Tweed

South Carolina State University: A Black Land-Grant College in Jim Crow America
Brandon Kyron Lenzie Winford

Robert R. Church Jr. and the African American Political Struggle
Mantri Sivananda

Crusader for Democracy: The Political Life of William Allen White
Donald A. Ritchie

Bad News Travels Fast: The Telegraph, Libel, and Press Freedom in the Progressive Era
Jeffery A. Smith

A History of Private Policing in the United States
Benjamin Holtzman

Labor's Mind: A History of Working-Class Intellectual Life
Gregory L. Kaster

Arkansas's Gilded Age: The Rise, Decline, and Legacy of Populism and Working-Class Protest
Steve Leikin

Two Weeks Every Summer: Fresh Air Children and the Problem of Race in America
Alan Scot Willis

Benevolence, Moral Reform, Equality: Women's Activism in Kansas City, 1870 to 1940
Melanie Gustafson

Public vs. Private: The Early History of School Choice in America
Lawrence J. McAndrews

American Sutra: A Story of Faith and Freedom in the Second World War
Robert Shaffer

Managed Migrations: Growers, Farmworkers, and Border Enforcement in the Twentieth Century
Christian Paiz

Policing Los Angeles: Race, Resistance, and the Rise of the Lapd
Steve Herbert

Brown Beauty: Color, Sex, and Race from the Harlem Renaissance to World War II
Elwood Watson

Color Coded: Party Politics in the American West, 1950–2016
Brian Q. Cannon

This War Ain't Over: Fighting the Civil War in New Deal America
Zachary J. Lechner

The Mismeasure of Minds: Debating Race and Intelligence between Brown and The Bell Curve
Vernon J. Williams, Jr.

Armageddon and Paranoia: The Nuclear Confrontation since 1945
Ron Milam

Triumph of the Dead: American World War II Cemeteries, Monuments, and Diplomacy in France
Derek W. Frisby

Equipping James Bond: Guns, Gadgets, and Technological Enthusiasm
J. Richard Stevens

The Mourning After: Loss and Longing among Midcentury American Men
Miriam Reumann

The Invention and Reinvention of Big Bill Broonzy
Charles Hersch

The Postwar Moment: Progressive Forces in Britain, France, and the United States after World War II
Joseph A. Ross

Sewing the Fabric of Statehood: Garment Unions, American Labor, and the Establishment of the State of Israel
Victor Silverman

Indoor America: The Interior Landscape of Postwar Suburbia
Aaron Shkuda

Abc Sports: The Rise and Fall of Network Sports Television
Yuya Kiuchi

They Stole Him Out of Jail: Willie Earle, South Carolina's Last Lynching Victim
Stewart E. Tolnay

Our American Israel: The Story of an Entangled Alliance
Douglas Little

The Rebel Café: Sex, Race, and Politics in Cold War America's Nightclub Underground
Joseph Keith

Freedom's Laboratory: The Cold War Struggle for the Soul of Science
John Philipp Baesler

Clearer than Truth: The Polygraph and the American Cold War
Geoffrey Bunn

Science and American Foreign Relations since World War II
Michael D. Gordin

Solid State Insurrection: How the Science of Substance Made American Physics Matter
Daniel Lee Kleinman

Edward Condon's Cooperative Vision: Science, Industry, and Innovation in Modern America
Robert P. Crease

From Confinement to Containment: Japanese American Arts during the Early Cold War
Anna Pegler-Gordon

Just and Righteous Causes: Rabbi Ira Sanders and the Fight for Racial and Social Justice in Arkansas, 1926–1963
Seth A. Weitz

Dockworker Power: Race and Activism in Durban and the San Francisco Bay Area
William J. Mello

King and the Other America: The Poor People's Campaign and the Quest for Economic Equality
Stewart Burns

Integration Now: Alexander v. Holmes and the End of Jim Crow Education
Natalie Adams; James Adams

The American Negro Theatre and the Long Civil Rights Era
LaDonna L. Forsgren

Let the People See: The Story of Emmett Till
Anders Walker

Freedom Farmers: Agricultural Resistance and the Black Freedom Movement
Jennifer Jensen Wallach

Feminism's Forgotten Fight: The Unfinished Struggle for Work and Family
Carol Giardina

To Live Here, You Have to Fight: How Women Led Appalachian Movements for Social Justice
Sheila R. Phipps

Strange Bedfellows: Marriage in the Age of Women's Liberation
Tracy A. Thomas

The Lesbian South: Southern Feminists, the Women in Print Movement, and the Queer Literary Canon
Pippa Holloway

Detain and Punish: Haitian Refugees and the Rise of the World's Largest Immigration Detention System
Theodore Hamm

Black Power and Palestine: Transnational Countries of Color
Michael L. Krenn

Liberating Hollywood: Women Directors and the Feminist Reform of 1970s American Cinema
Kristen Hatch

James Baldwin and the 1980s: Witnessing the Reagan Era
Aldon Lynn Nielsen

Ensuring Poverty: Welfare Reform in Feminist Perspective
Molly Michelmore

Digital History Reviews

Age of Revolutions
Jacqueline Antonovich

History Unfolded: U.S. Newspapers and the Holocaust
Laurel Leff

Undoing Time
Benjamin D. Weber



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