The Journal of American History

The Journal of American History
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The Journal of American History
United States
Bloomington, Indiana
1215 E. Atwater Avenue
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The Journal of American History is the leading scholarly publication and the journal of record in the field of American history. Published quarterly in March, June, September, and December, the Journal continues its nine-decade-long career presenting original articles on American history. Many are widely reprinted or have won prizes. Each volume of the Journal features a variety of pieces that deal with every aspect of American history, including state-of-the-field essays, broadly inclusive book reviews, and reviews of films, museum exhibitions, and Web sites. Our large board of International contributing editors helps the Journal meet its goal of situating American history within a global context.

The Journal is at the cutting edge of the Organization of American Historians’ mission of promoting “excellence in the scholarship, teaching, and presentation of American history” and encouraging “wide discussion of historical questions and equitable treatment of all practitioners of history.” The JAH promotes discussion through articles, the online conversations on historical fields or topics published each September as “Interchange” and the “Textbooks and Teaching” section published each March, which brings together scholars and researchers to think about how history is taught. Through electronic initiatives – including regular features such as the sets of primary sources and suggestions for classroom use of particular JAH articles available on the Web as “Teaching the JAH” and special projects such as the Web complement to the December 2007 special issue “Through the Eye of Katrina: The Past as Prologue”? – the Journal strives to reach all who share a passion for American history.

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