The Journal of American History 110 (2023), 1

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The Journal of American History 110 (2023), 1

Bloomington, IN 2023: Oxford University Press



The Journal of American History
United States
Bloomington, Indiana
1215 E. Atwater Avenue
(812) 855–2816
(812) 855–9939
Moritz Pallasch, Institut für Geschichtswissenschaften, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



The Business of Killing Indians: Contract Warfare and Genocide in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands
William S Kiser
pp. 15–39

Fugitive Slave Renditions and the Proslavery Crisis of Confidence in Federalism, 1850–1860
Cooper Wingert
pp. 40–57

Bridging Borders: African North Americans in Great Lakes Cities, 1920s–1940s
Wendell Nii Laryea Adjetey
pp. 58–81


Healing Journeys: Veterans, Trauma, and the Return to Vietnam
Mia Martin Hobbs
pp. 82–107


Public History: Introduction
pp. 108–109

“Marisol and Warhol Take New York”
Stephen Vider
pp. 109–113

“Food for the People: Eating and Activism in Greater Washington.”
Jenna Febrizio
pp. 113–117


The Broken Constitution: Lincoln, Slavery, and the Refounding of America
Jordan Watkins
pp. 118–119

The New Negro: The Life of Alain Locke
Lawrence Jackson
pp. 119–121

Border Policing: A History of Enforcement and Evasion in North America
Jessica Ordaz
p. 121

Choose Your Medicine: Freedom of Therapeutic Choice in America
Margaret Marsh
pp. 121–122

A Nation of Descendants: Politics and the Practice of Genealogy in U.S. History
Edward Slavishak
pp. 122–123

Female Husbands: A Trans History
Leila J Rupp
pp. 123–124

Covered with Night: A Story of Murder and Indigenous Justice in Early America
David L Preston
pp. 124–125

A Brave and Cunning Prince: The Great Chief Opechancanough and the War for America
Kristalyn Shefveland
pp. 125–126

Time of Anarchy: Indigenous Power and the Crisis of Colonialism in Early America
Michael Leroy Oberg
p. 126

Wicked Flesh: Black Women, Intimacy, and Freedom in the Atlantic World
Marie Jenkins Schwartz
p. 127

Reckoning with Slavery: Gender, Kinship, and Capitalism in the Early Black Atlantic
Kristen Block
pp. 127–128

The Creole Archipelago: Race and Borders in the Colonial Caribbean
Erin W Stone
pp. 128–129

Moving Home: Gender, Place, and Travel Writing in the Early Black Atlantic
Keith Miller
pp. 129–130

The Overseas Trade of British America: A Narrative History
Thomas S. Wermuth
pp. 130–131

Washington at the Plow: The Founding Farmer and the Question of Slavery
Keith Beutler
pp. 131–132

How Welfare Worked in the Early United States: Five Microhistories
Gunja SenGupta
pp. 132–133

Our Dear-Bought Liberty: Catholics and Religious Toleration in Early America
Charles L Cohen
p. 133

Until Justice Be Done: America's First Civil Rights Movement, from the Revolution to Reconstruction
Paul J Polgar
p. 134

Democracy by Petition: Popular Politics in Transformation, 1790–1870
Peverill Squire
pp. 134–135

Navigating Neutrality: Early American Governance in the Turbulent Atlantic
Paul A Gilje
pp. 135–136

Eastward of Good Hope: Early America in a Dangerous World
Tyson Reeder
pp. 136–137

The Transcendentalists and Their World
Donald E Pease
pp. 137–138

Kingdom of Nauvoo: The Rise and Fall of a Religious Empire on the American Frontier and The Saints and the State: The Mormon Troubles in Illinois
Robert Tinkler
pp. 138–139

Slavery and Sacred Texts: The Bible, the Constitution, and Historical Consciousness in Antebellum America
John Patrick Daly
pp. 139–140

The Week: A History of the Unnatural Rhythms That Made Us Who We Are
Benjamin Hunnicutt
pp. 140–141

West of Slavery: The Southern Dream of a Transcontinental Empire
Dana Elizabeth Weiner
pp. 141–142

The Souls of Womenfolk: The Religious Cultures of Enslaved Women in the Lower South
Paul Harvey
pp. 142–143

Bulldozed and Betrayed: Louisiana and the Stolen Elections of 1876
John Cimprich
pp. 143–144

Contesting Commemoration: The 1876 Centennial, Independence Day, and the Reconstruction-Era South
Gerald J Prokopowicz
pp. 144–145

Teacher, Preacher, Soldier, Spy: The Civil Wars of John R. Kelso
Daniel J McInerney
p. 145

The Failed Promise: Reconstruction, Frederick Douglass, and the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
Jeremy Taylor
pp. 145–146

Millenarian Dreams and Racial Nightmares: The American Civil War as an Apocalyptic Conflict
Ben Wright
pp. 146–147

Boarding School Voices: Carlisle Indian School Students Speak
Clifford E Trafzer
pp. 147–148

The Industrialists: How the National Association of Manufacturers Shaped American Capitalism
Elizabeth Shermer
pp. 148–149

White Philanthropy: Carnegie Corporation's An American Dilemma and the Making of a White World Order
Karen Ferguson
pp. 149–150

The Merchant Prince of Black Chicago: Anthony Overton and the Building of a Financial Empire
Peter Eisenstadt
pp. 150–151

Modern Cronies: Southern Industrialism from Gold Rush to Convict Labor, 1829–1894
Bruce E Baker
p. 151

Crying the News: A History of America's Newsboys
Betsy Wood
pp. 151–152

Limited Choices: Mable Jones, a Black Children's Nurse in a Northern White Household
Traci Parker
pp. 152–153

The Ballad of Robert Charles: Searching for the New Orleans Riot of 1900
Blain Roberts
pp. 153–154

The Deviant Prison: Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary and the Origins of America's Modern Penal System, 1829–1913
Richard F Hamm
pp. 154–155

Dirty Works: Obscenity on Trial in America's First Sexual Revolution
Mark A Graber
pp. 155–156

Useful Objects: Museums, Science, and Literature in Nineteenth-Century America
Robert Friedel
p. 156

American Health Crisis: 100 Years of Panic, Planning, and Politics
Margaret Humphreys
p. 157

Green with Milk and Sugar: When Japan Filled America's Tea Cups
Etsuko Taketani
pp. 157–158

Closing the Golden Door: Asian Migration and the Hidden History of Exclusion at Ellis Island
Krystyn R Moon
pp. 158–159

The Roots of Educational Inequality: Philadelphia's Germantown High School, 1907–2014
Alexander Urbiel
pp. 159–160

The Settler Sea: California's Salton Sea and the Consequences of Colonialism
Abraham Hoffman
pp. 160–161

How the Suburbs Were Segregated: Developers and the Business of Exclusionary Housing, 1890–1960
LeeAnn Lands
pp. 161–162

Pushing Cool: Big Tobacco, Racial Marketing, and the Untold Story of the Menthol Cigarette
Lauren Rebecca Sklaroff
p. 162

Union by Law: Filipino American Labor Activists, Rights Radicalism, and Racial Capitalism
Caroline Waldron
pp. 163–164

American Comics: A History
Paul S Hirsch
p. 164

Emma Goldman, Mother Earth, and the Anarchist Awakening
Robert Justin Goldstein
pp. 164–165

Land of Milk and Money: The Creation of the Southern Dairy Industry
George B Ellenberg
pp. 165–166

Strong Hearts and Healing Hands: Southern California Indians and Field Nurses, 1920–1950
Sherry L Smith
pp. 166–167

Japanese American Incarceration: The Camps and Coerced Labor during World War II
Natsuki Aruga
pp. 167–168

Port of No Return: Enemy Alien Internment in World War II New Orleans
Cherstin M Lyon
p. 168

Proud Warriors: African American Combat Units in World War II
Neil A Wynn
pp. 168–169

Puerto Rican Chicago: Schooling the City, 1940–1977
Amanda I Seligman
pp. 169–170

African American Workers and the Appalachian Coal Industry
T R C Hutton
pp. 170–171

American Independent Inventors in an Era of Corporate R&D
Evan I Schwartz
pp. 171–172

A War Born Family: African American Adoption in the Wake of the Korean War
Sara Fieldston
pp. 172–173

The Civil Rights Lobby: The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and the Second Reconstruction
Anthony J Nownes
p. 173

Civil Rights Queen: Constance Baker Motley and the Struggle for Equality
Mary Frances Berry
pp. 173–174

The End of Ambition: The United States and the Third World in the Vietnam Era
Andrew J Rotter
pp. 174–175

Tears, Fire, and Blood: The United States and the Decolonization of Africa
Thomas J Noer
pp. 175–176

Reproduction Reconceived: Family Making and the Limits of Choice after Roe v. Wade
Gwendoline Alphonso
pp. 176–177

The Male Chauvinist Pig: A History
Joan Hoff
pp. 177–178

The Green Years, 1964–1976: When Democrats and Republicans United to Repair the Earth
Paul C Milazzo
pp. 178–179

The Long Crisis: New York City and the Path to Neoliberalism
Caleb Wellum
pp. 179–180

Winter in America: A Cultural History of Neoliberalism, from the Sixties to the Reagan Revolution
Jennifer Delton
pp. 180–181


Phil Spector
Jon Lewis
pp. 182–185

Ted K.
James I Deutsch
pp. 185–186

Stephen J Whitfield
pp. 186–189

Taken Hostage
Michael J Socolow
pp. 189–191


American Religious Ecologies
Benjamin E Park
pp. 192–194

Picturing Black History
Theresa Leininger-Miller
pp. 194–196

pp. 197–198

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