Journal of American History 107 (2020), 2

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Journal of American History 107 (2020), 2
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Bloomington, IN 2020: Oxford University Press



The Journal of American History
United States
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Wolff, Sarah



Presidential Address

180 Op–Eds: Or How to Make the Present Historical
Joanne Meyerowitz


Editor's Choice
James and His Striped Velvet Pantaloons: Textiles, Commerce, and the Law in the New Republic
Laura F Edwards

No Scrubs: Livestock Breeding, Race, and State Power in the Early Twentieth-Century United States
Gabriel N Rosenberg

“Wherever the Authority of the Federal Government Extends”: Banning Segregation in Veterans’ Hospitals (1945–1960)
Thomas Grillot; Pauline Peretz; Yann Philippe

The Right-Wing Popular Front: The Far Right and American Conservatism in the 1950s
David Austin Walsh

Book Reviews

Commodifying Cannabis: A Cultural History of a Complex Plant in the Atlantic World
Peter Maguire

In the Weeds: Demonization, Legalization, and the Evolution of U.S. Marijuana Policy
Joseph F Spillane

The Peyote Effect: From the Inquisition to the War on Drugs
Robert C Fuller

The Interior Borderlands: Regional Identity in the Midwest and Great Plains
Brad D Lookingbill

Pohjola, Atlantti, maailma: Ylirajaisen vuorovaikutuksen historiaa 1600–1900-luvuilla
Markku Henriksson

The Racial Divide in American Medicine: Black Physicians and the Struggle for Justice in Health Care
David McBride

African Americans and Africa: A New History
Frederick Knight

Black Utopia: The History of an Idea from Black Nationalism to Afrofuturism
Francis Shor

Stranger in a Strange State: The Politics of Carpetbagging from Robert Kennedy to Scott Brown
Thomas Eamon

Being and Becoming Ute: The Story of American Indian People
Mark Edwin Miller

Messianic Fulfillments: Staging Indigenous Salvation in America
Joshua David Bellin

Migrant Marketplaces: Food and Italians in North and South America
Bonnie M Miller

Conspiracies of Conspiracies: How Delusions Have Overrun America
Michael L Kurtz

The Limits of Transnationalism
Nicole M Phelps

Making Climate Change History: Documents from Global Warming's Past
Margaret Lynn Brown

Remaking New Orleans: Beyond Exceptionalism and Authenticity
J Mark Souther

Women in Texas History
Cynthia Orozco

Household Gods: The Religious Lives of the Adams Family
Jeffry H Morrison

Entrenchment: Wealth, Power, and the Constitution of Democratic Societies
Mark A Graber

Vexy Thing: On Gender and Liberation
LeRhonda S Manigault-Bryant

Forging Communities in Colonial Alta California
Christopher T Vecsey

The Spanish Caribbean and the Atlantic World in the Long Sixteenth Century
Andrew Sluyter

Masters of Violence: The Plantation Overseers of Eighteenth-Century Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia
Junius Rodriguez

Ecology and Ethnogenesis: An Environmental History of the Wind River Shoshones, 1000–1868
William R Swagerty

The Clamor of Lawyers: The American Revolution and Crisis in the Legal Profession
Jack Fruchtman

Valley Forge
Craig Bruce Smith

Quarters: The Accommodation of the British Army and the Coming of the American Revolution
John A Ruddiman

The Widow Washington: The Life of Mary Washington
Tamara Harvey

Frontier Rebels: The Fight for Independence in the American West, 1765–1776
Daniel P Barr

The Consequences of Loyalism: Essays in Honor of Robert M. Calhoon
Phillip Papas

Babel of the Atlantic
Jennifer Clark

The Kingdom and the Republic: Sovereign Hawai‘i and the Early United States
Christine L Manganaro

Blurred Nationalities across the North Atlantic: Traders, Priests, and Their Kin Travelling between North America and the Italian Peninsula, 1763–1846
Rankin Sherling

A Material World: Culture, Society, and the Life of Things in Early Anglo-America
A Kristen Foster

An Anti-Federalist Constitution: The Development of Dissent in the Ratification Debates
David F Ericson

Alexander Hamilton's Public Administration
Kate Elizabeth Brown

The Gods of Indian Country: Religion and the Struggle for the American West
Thomas C Maroukis

Evangelical Gotham: Religion and the Making of New York City, 1783–1860
Myra B Young Armstead

Church in the Wild: Evangelicals in Antebellum America
William Kerrigan

Colonial Revivals: The Nineteenth-Century Lives of Early American Books
Jeffrey D Groves

City of Second Sight: Nineteenth-Century Boston and the Making of American Visual Culture
Shirley Wajda

Creole Drama: Theatre and Society in Antebellum New Orleans
Aston Gonzalez

Charleston Belles Abroad: The Music Collections of Harriet Lowndes, Henrietta Aiken, and Louisa Rebecca McCord
Christie Farnham Pope

Troublesome Women: Gender, Crime, and Punishment in Antebellum Pennsylvania
Myra C Glenn

Ungentle Goodnights: Life in a Home for Elderly and Disabled Naval Sailors and Marines and the Perilous Seafaring Careers That Brought Them There
Ruth Wallis Herndon

The City-State of Boston: The Rise and Fall of an Atlantic Power, 1630–1865
George A Levesque

“The Only Unavoidable Subject of Regret”: George Washington, Slavery, and the Enslaved Community at Mount Vernon
Tammy K Byron

Sanctifying Slavery and Politics in South Carolina: The Life of the Reverend Alexander Garden, 1685–1756
William L Ramsey

Slavery and Class in the American South: A Generation of Slave Narrative Testimony, 1840–1865
Nicole N Aljoe

Caribbean New Orleans: Empire, Race, and the Making of a Slave Society
Nathalie Dessens

The Holocaust and New World Slavery: A Comparative History, Volume 1 and The Holocaust and New World Slavery: A Comparative History, Volume 2
Kyle T Bulthuis

Fighting for Atlanta: Tactics, Terrain, and Trenches in the Civil War
Bradley R Clampitt

Lincoln and the Natural Environment
Christine Dee

Conquered: Why the Army of Tennessee Failed
John D Fowler

The Calculus of Violence: How Americans Fought the Civil War
Jeremy Neely

A Great Sacrifice: Northern Black Soldiers, Their Families, and the Experience of Civil War
Earl F Mulderink, III

Alabamians in Blue: Freedmen, Unionists, and the Civil War in the Cotton State
Aaron Sheehan-Dean

Private Confederacies: The Emotional Worlds of Southern Men as Citizens and Soldiers
Timothy Haggerty

Lincoln, Seward, and U.S. Foreign Relations in the Civil War
Andre M Fleche

A Fiery Gospel: The Battle Hymn of the Republic and the Road to Righteous War
Allen Carl Guelzo

Treason on Trial: The United States v. Jefferson Davis
Brian Dirck

Reading Reconstruction: Sherwood Bonner and the Literature of the Post–Civil War South
Jane Turner Censer

The Revolution That Failed: Reconstruction in Natchitoches
Bruce E Baker

The Children of Lincoln: White Paternalism and the Limits of Black Opportunity in Minnesota, 1860–1876
Peter Rachleff

Progressive New World: How Settler Colonialism and Transpacific Exchange Shaped American Reform
Van Gosse

Great Power Rising: Theodore Roosevelt and the Politics of U.S. Foreign Policy
Charles E Neu

Erased: The Untold Story of the Panama Canal
Michael E Donoghue

Structuring Poverty in the Windy City: Autonomy, Virtue, and Isolation in Post-fire Chicago
Elaine S Abelson

The Grandest Madison Square Garden: Art, Scandal, and Architecture in Gilded Age New York
Miles David Samson

After the Shock City: Urban Culture and the Making of Modern Citizenship
Christopher M Sterba

The News at the Ends of the Earth: The Print Culture of Polar Exploration
Michael Robinson

Practicing Citizenship: Women's Rhetoric at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair
Tracey Jean Boisseau

The Selected Papers of Jane Addams, vol. 3: Creating Hull-House and an International Presence, 1889–1900
Elizabeth Agnew

Why They Marched: Untold Stories of the Women Who Fought for the Right to Vote
Carol Lasser

The Fathers Refounded: Protestant Liberalism, Roman Catholic Modernism, and the Teaching of Ancient Christianity in Early Twentieth-Century America
David Mislin

Valley of the Guns: The Pleasant Valley War and the Trauma of Violence
John H Monnett

The Aquatic Frontier: Oysters and Aquaculture in the Progressive Era
Matthew McKenzie

Capital and Convict: Race, Region, and Punishment in Post–Civil War America
Jeremy Taylor

Hattiesburg: An American City in Black and White
Chris Myers Asch

Latinos and the Liberal City: Politics and Protest in San Francisco
Llana Barber

Every Nation Has Its Dish: Black Bodies and Black Food in Twentieth-Century America
Katharina Vester

Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Jake Gaither, Florida A&M, and the History of Black College Football
Richard O Davies

Reclaiming 42: Public Memory and the Reframing of Jackie Robinson's Radical Legacy
Stanley Keith Arnold

A Terrible Thing to Waste: Arthur Fletcher and the Conundrum of the Black Republican
Keith Miller

A Saint of Our Own: How the Quest for a Holy Hero Helped Catholics Become American
Monica L Mercado

Oliver Wendell Holmes: A Life in War, Law, and Ideas
William P LaPiana

On the Heels of Ignorance: Psychiatry and the Politics of Not Knowing
Michael E Staub

The Rise and Fall of the Branchhead Boys: North Carolina's Scott Family and the Era of Progressive Politics
Gregory S Taylor

Regenerating Dixie: Electric Energy and the Modern South
Michael Camp

Ibm: The Rise and Fall and Reinvention of a Global Icon
Jonathan Coopersmith

Policing the Open Road: How Cars Transformed American Freedom
Volker Janssen

Movable Markets: Food Wholesaling in the Twentieth-Century City
Susan V Spellman

Histories of the Transgender Child
Christoph Hanssmann

Paternity: The Elusive Quest for the Father
Allison Hepler

Finding God through Yoga: Paramahansa Yogananda and Modern American Religion in a Global Age
Candy Gunther Brown

Governors and the Progressive Movement
Jeffrey M Stonecash

Black Huntington: An Appalachian Story
T R C Hutton

Can't Stand Still: Taylor Gordon and the Harlem Renaissance
Amy E Carreiro

The World in a City: Multiethnic Radicalism in Early Twentieth-Century Los Angeles
Adam J Hodges

The Criminalization of Black Children: Race, Gender, and Delinquency in Chicago's Juvenile Justice System, 1899–1945
Sarah E Chinn

The Sexual Economy of War: Discipline and Desire in the U.S. Army
Erika Kuhlman

The Unlikely Reformer: Carter Glass and Financial Regulation
Michael E Parrish

The Chief Justiceship of William Howard Taft, 1921–1930
James L Hunt

Harnessing the Airplane: American and British Cavalry Responses to a New Technology, 1903–1939
Edgar F Raines, Jr.

Soldiers of the Pen: The Writers’ War Board in World War II
Christopher Vials

Cork Wars: Intrigue and Industry in World War II
Jeff Cook

Pan Am at War: How the Airline Secretly Helped America Fight World War II
Linda R Robertson

The Instrumental University: Education in Service of the National Agenda after World War II
Larry G Gerber

Deconstructing the Monolith: The Microeconomics of the National Industrial Recovery Act
Mark Hendrickson

Accessible America: A History of Disability and Design
Kevin Joel Berland

Emotionally Disturbed: A History of Caring for America's Troubled Children
James W Trent, Jr.

Smoke Signals from Samarcand: The 1931 Reform School Fire and Its Aftermath
John Wertheimer

Black Food Geographies: Race, Self-Reliance, and Food Access in Washington, D.C.
Catarina Passidomo

Whom We Shall Welcome: Italian Americans and Immigration Reform, 1945–1965
Evelyn Sterne

Liberalism Is Not Enough: Race and Poverty in Postwar Political Thought
Catherine M Paden

History after Hitler: A Transatlantic Enterprise
Jon Berndt Olsen

Defending the Public's Enemy: The Life and Legacy of Ramsey Clark
Shawn Francis Peters

Robert McNamara's Other War: The World Bank and International Development
Nick Cullather

Conservatives and the Constitution: Imagining Constitutional Restoration in the Heyday of American Liberalism
Linda Przybyszewski

Shale Boom: The Barnett Shale Play and Fort Worth
Tyler Priest

Thomas C. Mann: President Johnson, the Cold War, and the Restructuring of Latin American Foreign Policy
Bradley Lynn Coleman

Road to Disaster: A New History of America's Descent into Vietnam
Christopher Levesque

The Rising Clamor: The American Press, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Cold War
Greg Barnhisel

Maxwell Taylor's Cold War: From Berlin to Vietnam
Brian Madison Jones

The Dictator Dilemma: The United States and Paraguay in the Cold War
Marc Becker

Nikita Khrushchev's Journey into America
R Craig Nation

The Shadow of Selma
Patrick D Jones

Poll Power: The Voter Education Project and the Movement for the Ballot in the American South
Chris Danielson

Nannie Helen Burroughs: A Documentary Portrait of an Early Civil Rights Pioneer, 1900–1959
John Dittmer

Graphic Memories of the Civil Rights Movement: Reframing History in Comics
Paul Buhle

Black Americans and the Civil Rights Movement in the West
Alison Rose Jefferson

Firebrand Feminism: The Radical Lives of Ti-Grace Atkinson, Kathie Sarachild, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, and Dana Densmore
Anne M Valk

Lbj's 1968: Power, Politics, and the Presidency in America's Year of Upheaval
Melvin Small

Radiation Nation: Three Mile Island and the Political Transformation of the 1970s
Elizabeth D Blum

The Wild and the Toxic: American Environmentalism and the Politics of Health
Linda Nash

Coming Home: How Midwives Changed Birth
Heather Munro Prescott

Toxic Shock: A Social History
Judith Houck

Signature Wounds: The Untold Story of the Military's Mental Health Crisis
Dale C Smith

Provoking the Press: (MORE) Magazine and the Crisis of Confidence in American Journalism
Louis Liebovich

When the Movies Mattered: The New Hollywood Revisited
Robert Genter

Modern Panama: From Occupation to Crossroads of the Americas
Alan McPherson

The Rumble in the Jungle: Muhammad Ali and George Foreman on the Global Stage
Troy Rondinone

Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America
Joshua A Lynn

Teaching Teachers: Changing Paths and Enduring Debates
Benjamin Justice

The Historian's Eye: Photography, History, and the American Present
Carol Quirke

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