Guidelines for the publication of appointments

All announcements of appointments must have a distinguishable degree of relevance for historical science.

Please submit your announcement in due time: three weeks prior to the event or deadline (for announcement of conferences and call for papers).

Announcements submitted to the editorial department shortly before the deadline or the event might only be published on the website, and not distributed by email!

The publication of announcements of appointments may take up to one week as the editorial department has to limit the contributions to be sent by email daily.

Announcements of book reviews, panel discussions, exhibition openings as well as small workshops with less than four presentations and similar events are usually only published on the website’s events calendar.

Academic Announcements [Code: Ank:]

Public event series and lecture series, university courses or workshops. The events can address a broader public, but they must also appeal to an audience consisting of professional historians. Excluded from publication are events of a non-academic nature, lecture series for adult or youth education, or historical educational seminars.

Call for Papers [Code: CFP:]

Calls for papers for historical conferences and publications as well as calls for contributions and suggestions for projects in the context of grant programmes and publication projects. (Please publish announcements of research scholarships and job offers in the section ‘opportunities’, see link in box on the right hand side).

Colloquium Programmes [Code: Coll:]

Predominantly event series organised by chairs or institutes for a local specialised audience, also so-called post-graduate seminars. Colloquium programmes are usually distributed as a weekly summary (‘digest’) per email at the beginning of a semester.

Conferences [Code: Konf:]

Announcements of public conferences, congresses, symposia and the like for professional historians. Please note that announcements of conferences are only published if the conference programme is included. Events within the scope of H-Soz-u-Kult 'thematic foci' are an exception to this rule.

->> please login to MEINCLIO and go to TERMINE / EVENTS to submit your announcement.


Please address all questions to the editorial staff: