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General Questions

Submitting a Contribution

What does H-Soz-Kult publish?

H-Soz-Kult is a forum for historical scholarship. This means that we only publish contributions that are of scientific character. Additionally, these contributions need to be of relevance for the discipline of history. We do accept submissions from neighbouring disciplines, but the editors will evaluate whether they are relevant for historians. You can find additional information in our overview of H-Soz-Kult sections.

Do I need to be registered in order to submit a contribution?

In order to submit something for publication, plese register with Before submitting a contribution to H-Soz-Kult, please read our Notes on Submissions.

Can I suggest books for review?

As a principle, H-Soz-Kult's editors decide which books will be reviewed and who will be invited. Please feel free to suggest books for review. You can find out about our editors in our list of editors.

Mail Subscription

Which formats are there for subscribing to H-Soz-Kult?

If you wish to regularly use H-Soz-Kult, you can either visit the Website or use a subscription to the mailing-list. Options include individual E-Mails with the full content, or digest formats such as our HTML newsletter with just one daily E-Mail. Please find more information at Mein Clio.

I no longer receive H-Soz-Kult's E-Mails

If you suddenly no longer receive our E-Mails, your E-Mail may have been overspammed. Please check our list of common problems here: If you cannot find a solution to your problem there, please contact the editorial staff.

How can I change, end, or pause my subscription?

You can comfortably make changes to your subscription via This includes the option for new subscriptions. If you no longer know which E-Mail address you used to subscribe, please contact our editorial staff. Mein Clio allows you to request a new password in case you forgot the old one.

How do I register with H-Soz-Kult?

In order to receive the the mailing-list, please read the information on Subscribing.Please do not attempt to register by sending E-Mails.

General Questions

Where can I find older contributions on H-Soz-Kult?

All contributions that are distributed via H-Soz-Kult's mailing-list are automatically archived. There are several ways to search H-Soz-Kult contributions. The "Search"-button gives access to the site's archive. Most archived contributions are searchable with the H-Soz-Kult Google search. Contributions until 2017 are archived at the H-Net Logfiles as well.

How can I submit my H-Soz-Kult publications with the VG Wort?

The VG Wort METIS system allows authors of online reviews to submit their texts for the yearly "Sonderausschüttung".

Where can I find information regarding data protection and privacy?

The Terms of Use for Clio-online e.V., H-Soz-Kult's supporting association, and H-Soz-Kult's information on data protection provide extensive information on the subject.