Guidelines for the publication of contributions to discussions, articles and research queries

Please send articles for publication in the section ‘Forum’ directly to the editorial department’s address listed below. Please use the style guidelines for texts for your manuscript.

Article [Code: Art:]

In this section, H-Soz-Kult publishes longer texts which are submitted to the editorial department and supplement a thematic focus. An anonymous version of the submitted manuscripts is passed on for review to an expert on the particular topic. If publication is recommended, a brief summary is distributed via the mailing list and the article is published on the website.

Discussions [Code: Forum:]

Under the code [Forum:] H-Soz-Kult publishes articles which may encourage discussions or the submission of further texts. This particularly occurs with topics of major focus for which the editorial department asks experts to provide statements. However, unsolicited articles which, in the editorial department’s opinion, have the potential to encourage debates on current research tendencies, developments in the educational system or, in general, historical research may be published.


If you have any further questions on the publication of forum articles, please contact the editorial board: