Guidelines for the publication of job offers, scholarships, accommodation listings and the announcement of university courses

Please place your advertisement in due time, if possible at the latest three weeks prior to the application deadline. If you place several advertisements for the same employer, please summarise them, to the extent possible, in one entry. Please check the exact transmission of the entire data in the preview.

Job advertisements [Job:]

Long-term work assignments, job offers, traineeships or internships from the main research areas of historians, including European Ethnology and related areas, are published. Offers for translation work, purely voluntary work or non-qualifying internships are excluded from publication. Please include, as far as possible, details concerning payment/salary.

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For offers for primarily non-European, particularly US-American researchers you can also use H-Net Job Guide.

Scholarships and grants [Stip:]

Announcement of fellowships, scholarships and other types of support (for example, awards) available to historians.

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Please use the form appointments for available funding or scholarship-like support of conferences, summer schools and other events.

University courses [Stud:]

Announcements of new or modified university courses from the field of historical science. Received announcements of university courses are gathered by the editorial department and then published in a comprehensive email.

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Accommodation listings [Unterkunft:]

Search queries and offers for apartments for study visits or research visits: If possible, please explain the topic and purpose of your research activity.
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Please direct all questions concerning the submission of opportunities to the editorial staff: