The Journal of Modern History 93 (2021), 4

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The Journal of Modern History 93 (2021), 4

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Journal of Modern History
United States
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Moritz Pallasch


Spontaneous Human Combustion and Claude-Nicolas Le Cat’s Hunt for Fame
Meghan K. Roberts
S. 749–782.

At the Limits of Citizenship: Democratization and the Problem of Nonvoting in Britain and France, ca. 1848–2018
Tom Crook and Malcolm Crook
S. 783–823.

The Concentration Camp as Site of Refuge: The Rise of the Refugee Camp and the Great War in the Middle East
Michelle Tusan
S. 824–860.

„La Langue de nos maîtres“: Linguistic Hierarchies, Dialect, and Canon Decolonization During and After the Présence Africaine Congress of 1956
Sarah Claire Dunstan
S. 861–895.

The Sky beyond Versailles: The Paris Peace Treaties in Recent Historiography
Robert Gerwarth
S. 896–930.

Lynn Hunt, History: Why It Matters; Joan Wallach Scott, In the Name of History
Sophia Rosenfeld
S. 931–933.

J. C. Sharman, Empires of the Weak: The Real Story of European Expansion and the Creation of the New World Order
Jeremy Black
S. 934–935.

Willibald Steinmetz and Paul Betts, eds., The Force of Comparison: A New Perspective on Modern European History and the Contemporary World
Jonathan W. Daly
S. 935–937.

Tirthankar Roy and Giorgio Riello, eds., Global Economic History
Andrew David Edwards
S. 937–939.

Brian Ladd, The Streets of Europe: The Sights, Sounds, and Smells that Shaped Its Great Cities
Daniel Jütte
S. 939–-940.

David Spector, La gauche, la droit et le marché: Histoire d’une idée controversée (XIXe–XXIe siècle)
Herrick Chapman
S. 941–942.

Sarah Wobick-Segev, David Baile, and Sarah Abrevaya Stein, eds., Homes Away from Home: Jewish Belonging in Twentieth-Century Paris, Berlin and St. Petersburg
Todd M. Endelman
S. 942–944.

Laurel Leff, Well Worth Saving: American Universities’ Life-and-Death Decisions on Refugees from Nazi Europe; Daria Santini, The Exiles: Actors, Artists, and Writers who Fled the Nazis for London
Sheldon Rothblatt
S. 944–946.

Olivier Wieviorka, Jane Marie Todd, Robert O. Paxton, and Lawrence D. Kritzman, eds., The Resistance in Western Europe, 1940–1945
Valerie Deacon
S. 947–948.

Andrew H. Beattie, Allied Internment Camps in Occupied Germany: Extrajudicial Detention in the Name of Denazification, 1945–1950
Adam R. Seipp
S. 948–950.

Jannis Panagiotidis and Matthew Handelman, eds., The Unchosen Ones: Diaspora, Nation, and Migration in Israel and Germany
Carole Fink
S. 950–951.

Giuliano Garavini, The Rise and Fall of OPEC in the Twentieth Century
Simon C. Smith
S. 952–953.

Rita Chin, The Crisis of Multiculturalism in Europe: A History
Naomi Davidson
S. 953–955.

Francesco Benigno and David Fairservice, Words in Time: A Plea for Historical Re-thinking
Patrick Hutton
S. 955–956.

Michael Questier, Dynastic Politics and the British Reformations, 1558–1630
Alastair Bellany
S. 957–958.

Jeremy Black, Charting the Past: The Historical Worlds of Eighteenth-Century England
Ben Dew
S. 958–960.

Robert Snape, Leisure, Voluntary Action, and Social Change in Britain, 1880–1939
Caitríona Beaumont
S. 960–961.

Nadja Durbach, Many Mouths: The Politics of Food in Britain from the Workhouse to the Welfare State
Ian Miller
S. 962–963.

Mo Moulton, The Mutual Admiration Society: How Dorothy L. Sayers and Her Oxford Circle Remade the World for Women
Elizabeth Prevost
S. 963–965.

Graham Macklin, Nigel Copsey, and Graham Macklin, eds., Failed Führers: A History of Britain’s Extreme Right
Matthew Worley
S. 965–967.

Robert A. Schneider, Dignified Retreat: Writers and Intellectuals in the Age of Richelieu
Oded Rabinovitch
S. 967–968.

Nicholas Hewitt, Wicked City: The Many Cultures of Marseille
Minayo Nasiali
S. 969–970.

William G. Pooley and Peter Coss, eds., Body and Tradition in Nineteenth-Century France: Félix Arnaudin and the Moorlands of Gascony, 1870–1914
James R. Lehning
S. 970–972.

Richard Carswell, The Fall of France in the Second World War: History and Memory
Kirrily Freeman
S. 972–973.

Céline Dauverd, Church and State in Spanish Italy: Rituals and Legitimacy in the Kingdom of Naples
Michael J. Levin
S. 973–975.

Daniela Saresella, Catholics and Communists in Twentieth-Century Italy: Between Conflict and Dialogue; Dennis A. Castillo, Papal Diplomacy from 1914 to 1989: The Seventy-Five Years War
Giuliana Chamedes
S. 975–978.

Pamela Ballinger, The World the Refugees Made: Decolonization and the Foundation of Postwar Italy
Molly Tambor
S. 978–980.

Ruth MacKay, Life in a Time of Pestilence: The Great Castilian Plague of 1596–1601
Scott K. Taylor
S. 980–981.

Helmut Walser Smith, Germany, a Nation in Its Time: Before, During, and After Nationalism, 1500–2000
Mark Hewitson
S. 981–983.

Inge Scheidl, Ursula Prokop, Wolfgang Herzner, and Walter Krause, Wilhelm Stiassny (1842–1910): Jüdischer Architekt und Stadtpolitiker im gesellschaftlichen Spannungsfeld des Wiener Fin de Siècle
Alison Rose
S. 983–985.

Peter Fritzsche, Hitler’s First Hundred Days: When Germans Embraced the Third Reich
Hermann Beck
S. 985–987.

Raul Hilberg, Walter H. Pehle, René Schlott, Jonathan D. Huener, Francis R. Nicosia, Susanna Schrafstetter, and Alan Steinweis, eds., The Anatomy of the Holocaust: Selected Works from a Life of Scholarship; Christopher R. Browning, Peter Hayes, and Raul Hilberg, German Railroads, Jewish Souls: The Reichsbahn, Bureaucracy, and the Final Solution
Hilary Earl
S. 987–989.

Anna Sosnowska, Jasper Tilbury, and Anna Sosnowska, Explaining Economic Backwardness: Post-1945 Polish Historians on Eastern Europe
Piotr J. Wróbel
S. 989–991.

Peter C. Caldwell, Democracy, Capitalism, and the Welfare State: Debating Social Order in Postwar West Germany, 1949–1989
James Gregory Chappel
S. 991–993.

Yukiko Tatsumi and Taro Tsurumi, eds., Publishing in Tsarist Russia: A History of Print Media from Enlightenment to Revolution
Jeffrey Brooks
S. 993–995.

Susan Smith-Peter, Jeffrey P. Brooks, and Christina Lodder, eds., Imagining Russian Regions: Subnational Identity and Civil Society in Nineteenth-Century Russia
Joseph Bradley
S. 995–997.

David Rainbow, ed., Ideologies of Race: Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union in Global Context
Jeff Sahadeo
S. 997–998.

Barbara Martin, Dissident Histories of the Soviet Union: From De-Stalinization to Perestroika
Stuart Finkel
S. 998–1000.

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