Journal of Modern History 95 (2023), 2

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Journal of Modern History 95 (2023), 2

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Journal of Modern History
United States
The Editors The Journal of Modern History University of Chicago Social Science Research Building, Box 122 1126 E. 59th Street Chicago, IL 60637 Telephone: (773) 702-7227 Fax: (773) 702-8830
Melanie Strauß, HU Berlin


Voyage to Luxembourg, 1687: The Curé’s People and the King
Carolyn Chappell Lougee
pp. 269–307.

Herodotus and the Embarrassments of Universal History in
Nineteenth–Century Germany
Suzanne L. Marchand
pp. 308–348.

“Our Botany Bay”: The Political Prisoners of the Risorgimento and the
Sentence of Deportation
Elena Bacchin
pp 349–384.


The New “New” Military History: Recent Work on War in the Age of
Christine Haynes
pp. 385–415.


Susan A. Crane, Nothing Happened: A History
Lloyd Kramer
pp. 416–417.

Annelien de Dijn, Freedom: An Unruly History
Richard Whatmore
pp. 417–419.

Jane S. Gerber, Cities of Splendour in the Shaping of Sephardi History
Nimrod Gaatone
pp. 419–421.

Christopher W. Close, State Formation and Shared Sovereignty: The Holy
Roman Empire and the Dutch Republic, 1488–1690
James Tracy
pp. 421–423.

Gregory Hanlon, European Military Rivalry, 1500–1750: Fierce Pageant
John Childs
pp. 423–424.

Freddy Cristóbal Domínguez, Erin Kathleen Rowe, and Michael A. Ryan,
eds., Radicals in Exile: English Catholic Books during the Reign of
Philip II
Gonzalo Velasco Berenguer
pp. 424–426.

Simon Mills, A Commerce of Knowledge: Trade, Religion, and Scholarship
between England and the Ottoman Empire, 1600–1760
William J. Bulman
pp. 426–428.

Ann Blair, Kaspar von Greyerz, and Ronald L. Numbers, eds.,
Physico–theology: Religion and Science in Europe, 1650–1750
Jeff Wigelsworth
pp. 428–429.

Ritchie Robertson, The Enlightenment: The Pursuit of Happiness,
Darrin M. McMahon
pp. 429–431.

Clorinda Donato and Gregory S. Brown, eds., The Life and Legend of
Catterina Vizzani: Sexual Identity, Science, and Sensationalism in
Eighteenth–Century Italy and England
P. Renée Baernstein
pp. 431–433.

Elizabeth A. Williams, Appetite and Its Discontents: Science,
Medicine, and the Urge to Eat, 1750–1950
Stephen Mennell
pp. 433–434.

G. John Ikenberry, James Davison Hunter, and John M. Owen, eds., A
World Safe for Democracy: Liberal Internationalism and the Crises of
Global Order
Talbot C. Imlay
pp. 435–436.

Gijs Mom, Globalizing Automobilism: Exuberance and the Emergence of
Layered Mobility, 1900–1980
Brian Ladd
pp. 436–438.

Jonathan Haslam, G. John Ikenberry, Marc Trachtenberg, William C.
Wohlforth, and Keren Yarhi–Milo, eds., The Spectre of War:
International Communism and the Origins of World War II
Paul Hanebrink
pp. 438–440.

Nathan A. Kurz, Stefan–Ludwig Hoffmann, and Samuel Moyn, eds., Jewish
Internationalism and Human Rights after the Holocaust
Sarah B. Snyder
pp. 440–442.

Vanessa R. Schwartz, Jet Age Aesthetic: The Glamour of Media in Motion
Guillaume De Syon
pp. 442–443.

Ben Mercer, Student Revolt in 1968: France, Italy, and West Germany
Elliot Y. Neaman
pp. 444–446.

Susan North, Sweet and Clean? Bodies and Clothes in Early Modern
Maria Hayward
pp. 446–447.

Sam Wetherell, Foundations: How the Built Environment Made
Twentieth–Century Britain; Otto Saumarez Smith, Boom Cities: Architect
Planners and the Politics of Radical Urban Renewal in 1960s Britain
William Whyte
pp. 447–450.

John Wolffe, Sacred and Secular Martyrdom in Britain and Ireland since
Andrew Chandler
pp. 450–451.

Mary K. Laurents, British Identity in World War I: The Lost Boys
Edward Bujak
pp. 452–453.

Niamh Gallagher, Ireland and the Great War: A Social and Political
Timothy G. McMahon
pp. 453–455.

David Edgerton, The Rise and Fall of the British Nation: A Twentieth
Century History
Chris Otter
pp. 455–457.

Gilles Havard, L’Amérique fantôme: Les aventuriers francophones du
Nouveau Monde
Leslie Choquette
pp. 457–458.

Carole Dornier, La Monarchie éclairée de l’abbé de Saint–Pierre: Une
science politique des Modernes
Carolina Armenteros
pp. 459–460.

Robin Mitchell, Vénus Noire: Black Women and Colonial Fantasies in
Nineteenth–Century France
Caroline Séquin
pp. 461–462.

Daniela L. Caglioti, War and Citizenship: Enemy Aliens and National
Belonging from the French Revolution to the First World War
Leonard V. Smith
pp. 462–464.

David Todd, A Velvet Empire: French Informal Imperialism in the
Nineteenth Century
J. P. Daughton
pp. 464–466.

Jonathan Beecher, Writers and Revolution: Intellectuals and the French
Revolution of 1848
Edward Berenson
pp. 466–468.

Véronique Pouillard, Paris to New York: The Transatlantic Fashion
Industry in the Twentieth Century
Michael Miller
pp. 468–470.

Larry Sommer McGrath, Making Spirit Matter: Neurology, Psychology, and
Selfhood in Modern France
Suzanne Guerlac
pp. 470–472.

K. Steven Vincent, Élie Halévy: Republican Liberalism Confronts the
Era of Tyranny
H. S. Jones
pp. 472–473.

Simon Dell, The Portrait and the Colonial Imaginary: Photography
between France and Africa, 1900–1939
Kim Sichel
pp. 474–475.

Camille Robcis, Disalienation: Politics, Philosophy, and Radical
Psychiatry in Postwar France
Jacob Collins
pp. 475–477.

Laure Humbert, Reinventing French Aid: The Politics of Humanitarian
Relief in French–Occupied Germany, 1945–1952
Darcie Fontaine
pp. 477–479.

Federica Francesconi, Invisible Enlighteners: The Jewish Merchants of
Modena, from the Renaissance to the Emancipation
Corey Tazzara
pp. 479–481.

John Gagné, Milan Undone: Contested Sovereignties in the Italian Wars
Idan Sherer
pp. 481–482.

Sharon T. Strocchia, Forgotten Healers: Women and the Pursuit of
Health in Late Renaissance Italy
Valeria Finucci
pp. 482–484.

James Simpson and Juan Carmona, Why Democracy Failed: The Agrarian
Origins of the Spanish Civil War
Adrian Shubert
pp. 484–486.

Ingrid de Zwarte, The Hunger Winter: Fighting Famine in the Occupied
Netherlands, 1944–1945
Saskia Coenen Snyder
pp. 486–487.

Fernando Guirao, The European Rescue of the Franco Regime, 1950–1975
David A. Messenger
pp. 488–489.

Michael Hochedlinger, Petr Mat’a, and Thomas Winkelbauer, eds.,
Verwaltungsgeschichte der Habsburgermonarchie in der Frühen Neuzeit:
Hof und Dynastie, Kaiser und Reich, Zentralverwaltungen, Kriegswesen
und landesfürstliches Finanzwesen
Joseph F. Patrouch
pp. 489–492.

Martin Scheutz and Alfred Stefan Weiss, Das Spital in der Frühen
Neuzeit: Eine Spitallandschaft in Zentraleuropa
Mary Lindemann
pp. 492–493.

István M. Szijártó, Estates and Constitution: The Parliament in
Eighteenth–Century Hungary
Balazs Szelenyi
pp. 494–495.

Simon Adler, Political Economy in the Habsburg Monarchy, 1750–1774:
The Contribution of Ludwig Zinzendorf
William D. Godsey
pp. 496–497.

Richard H. Tilly and Michael Kopsidis, From Old Regime to Industrial
State: A History of German Industrialization from the Eighteenth
Century to World War I
Keith Tribe
pp. 497–499.

Robert E. Norton, The Crucible of German Democracy: Ernst Troeltsch
and the First World War
Peter C. Caldwell
pp. 499–500.

Rachel Manekin, The Rebellion of the Daughters: Jewish Women Runaways
in Habsburg Galicia
Harriet Pass Freidenreich
pp. 501–502.

Manfried Rauchensteiner, Under Observation: Austria since 1918
Evan B. Bukey
pp. 502–505.

Caroline Mezger, Forging Germans: Youth, Nation, and the National
Socialist Mobilization of Ethnic Germans in Yugoslavia, 1918–1941
Tim Kirk
pp. 505–507.

Richard J. Evans, The Hitler Conspiracies
Steven P. Remy
pp. 507–508.

Monica Black, A Demon–Haunted Land: Witches, Wonder Doctors, and the
Ghosts of the Past in Post–WWII Germany
Mark Edward Ruff
pp. 509–510.

John P. LeDonne, Forging a Unitary State: Russia’s Management of the
Eurasian Space, 1650–1850
Gregory Afinogenov
pp. 510–512.

Mark Gamsa, Harbin: A Cross–Cultural Biography
Willard Sunderland
pp. 512–514.

Jacques Rossi and Michèle Sarde, Jacques the Frenchman: Memories of
the Gulag
Katherine R. Jolluck
pp. 514–516.

Dina Fainberg, Cold War Correspondents: Soviet and American Reporters
on the Ideological Frontlines
Kevin Grieves
pp. 516–518.

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