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National Identities 6.2 (Juli 2004)

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National Identities 6.2 (Juli 2004)
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Editors: Peter Catterall, Queen Mary, University of London, UK David Kaplan, Kent State University, USA Elfie Rembold, Universitaet Hannover, Hannover Christopher Vernon, University of Western Australia
Abingdon 2004: Taylor & Francis
3 issues per year
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National Identities
United Kingdom
Dr. Elfie Rembold

Das Juliheft (2004) hat folgenden Inhalt:


Jo Tollebeek and Tom Verschaffel: Group portraits with national heroes: the pantheon as an historical genre in nineteenth-century Belgium pp. 91 - 106

Rodanthi Tzanelli: Experiments on puerile nations, or the impossibility of surpassing your father: the case of the Anglo-Greek dialogue
pp. 107 - 121

Mark Lee: The story of Greater Britain: what lessons does it teach? pp. 123 - 142

Eric Storm: The problems of the Spanish nation-building process around 1900 pp. 143 - 156

Elisabetta Girelli: Subverting rules and reinforcing stereotypes: Italianness in Madonna of the Seven Moons pp. 157 - 171

Héctor D. Fernández l'hoeste: The Colombian Caribbean amidst the national debacle: failure or rebirth of a nation? pp. 173 - 184

Book reviews pp. 185 - 194

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